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eSignLive Developer: Sending and Retrieving Transactions

|  May 2, 2018 Haris Haidary
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In this blog, I will go over what you might have missed in the eSignLive Developer Community during the week of April 23rd, 2018. Let's get straight to it.

Sending Transactions

When creating transactions/packages in eSignLive, you have the ability to do the following in one single SDK/API call:

  1. Define the transaction information (e.g. name, description, expiry date, etc.)
  2. Add recipients
  3. Add documents
  4. Place signatures on the documents
  5. Send the transaction for signing

However, you can also do the above in separate SDK/API calls. Once your transaction is ready, you can send it using the following call using the eSignLive client:

Java SDK [code language="java"]eslClient.sendPackage(packageId);[/code]

.NET SDK [code language="csharp"]eslClient.SendPackage(packageId);[/code]

REST API [code language="javascript"]PUT https://sandbox.esignlive.com/api/packages/{packageId} { "status": "SENT" }[/code]

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Retrieving Transactions

In addition, you can also retrieve your transactions through the SDK/API. Though, with the SDK, you retrieve them per transaction status (e.g. DRAFT, SENT, COMPLETED, ARCHIVED, DECLINED, OPTED-OUT, and EXPIRED).

Java SDK [code language="java"]Page<DocumentPackage> packages = eslClient.getPackageService().getUpdatedPackagesWithinDateRange(PackageStatus.SENT, new PageRequest(1, 50), from, to);[/code]

.NET SDK [code language="csharp"]Page<DocumentPackage> packages = eslClient.PackageService.GetUpdatedPackagesWithinDateRange(DocumentPackageStatus.SENT, new PageRequest(1, 50), from, to);[/code] The code snippets above will retrieve the first 50 transactions in your account that are in SENT status (i.e. the transaction is currently in progress) between a date range you define. With the REST API, however, you can retrieve all of your transactions regardless of their status: [code language="text"]GET https://sandbox.esignlive.com/api/packages?from=0&to=49[/code]

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Signing Status Bug

Lastly, you may have experienced a bug in eSignLive where the application returned the wrong signing status. For example, a recipient would complete the signing of the documents and the signing status would still show as pending. This bug has now been fixed in the latest release (11.13.1).

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If you have questions regarding this blog or anything else concerning integrating eSignLive into your application, visit the Developer Community Forums: developer.esignlive.com. That's it from me. Thank you for reading! If you found this post helpful, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. You can find all of my previous blogs by going to my author page.

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Technical Evangelist

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