Recorded On: February 7th, 2017

Length: 60 minutes


  • Patrick Hatfield, Partner Locke Lord LLP
  • Andrea Masterton, Corporate Marketing Director eSignLive by VASCO

Organizations undergoing digital transformation often have legal questions related to moving paper-based business processes online without introducing new risks. Beyond the minimum requirements for electronic and digital signatures set forth in the laws, you will want to ensure you address the risk of fraud, repudiation and compliance as well. In the event of a regulatory audit or legal dispute, avoiding fines and ensuring admissibility is dependent on your ability to produce convincing, reliable evidence.

This 60 minute webinar featuring Pat Hatfield, Partner at Locke Lord LLP, discusses practical evidentiary considerations of electronic records and signatures and guidance on how to reduce your risk.

Highlights include:

  • A brief overview of e-sign legislation
  • Insights gained from relevant case law
  • How e-signature laws overlay with existing commercial and industry regulations
  • The challenges of defending electronic transactions
  • A live demonstration of ‘best practice’ e-signature audit trails & process evidence

If your organization is committed to improving customer experience and reducing risk, take advantage of this great opportunity to hear practical advice from one of the foremost experts on electronic commerce law.




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