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US Army

1.4 million users. $1.3b in annual cost savings.

With a mandate to protect freedom and preserve peace, effective and rapid decision-making is of paramount importance to the U.S. Army. Thousands of decisions are made daily -- from supply orders to medical, logistical, transportation and personnel matters. Those decisions can’t be implemented until they are properly authorized. And for centuries, the best way to confirm that authorization was with a signature on a paper form. But that paper-based system can no longer handle the speed and flexibility that is required in the field today. Not to mention the costs and exposures of maintaining such a labor-intensive workflow. The Army already had converted the front-end of that traditional process with computer-produced dynamic documents that helped soldiers locate, download, store and fill out forms. But the last mile in the process was the same: the form needed to be printed, signed and routed through thetraditional approval processes. In addition, the Army was looking for a way to use its forms-based processes to create an enterprise-wide backbone to automate many business processes with a single, Internet-based solution. Case study highlights: The Challenge
  • Increase productivity and decrease costs for the Army’s use of forms-based business processes
The Solution
  • Convert to a single, centralized e-forms solution that enables everyone from soldiers in the field to headquarters to use Web-based e-forms
The Benefit
  • $1.3 billion anticipated savings annually in administrative processing costs
  • Improved efficiency in the field and reduced exposure to enemy fire
  • One third reduction in time