Recorded: Wednesday, January 29 2014


Francois Leblanc, Director Technical Sales
Andrea Masterton, Director Marketing


When it comes to electronic signatures, records and transactions, security is understandably a top concern. It is not enough to simply look for an e-signature that is “ESIGN compliant” or that has certain security certification. Taking a broader view of e-signature security will strengthen your legal and compliance position while ensuring maximum adoption.

Download this complimentary 60-minute online presentation to learn the top electronic signature security requirements for your online transactions. Francois Leblanc, a 15-year veteran in the e-signature industry defines, explains and demonstrates the following e-signature security features:

  • User identification and authentication
  • Document and signature security
  • Transaction security
  • Data and system security

Intended for technical and non-technical audiences alike, this presentation provides the tools to quickly put together a security requirements checklist and evaluate e-signature solutions.

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