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Top 3 E-Signature Use Cases


What is the best or ideal type of electronic signature? There is no one-size-fits-all answer. It all depends on the process being automated. In this 7-page article, we start out by defining the steps in a typical e-signature process and identify what options there are for each step.

We then take a closer look at three customer-facing use cases for e-signature. Differences in each of these use cases demonstrate why some e-signing options are better than others in delivering the best overall customer experience. And while there is no universal "best" or "most legal" e-signature, there are best practices that can be followed when making decisions related to process design. The following 3 use cases are examined in detail:

  • Self-serve online e-signing
  • In-person electronic signing transactions at a retail point-of-sale
  • In-person e-signatures with a representative or agent

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