SunTrust Bank - E-Signatures for Treasury Management

SunTrust BankAbout SunTrust Bank

With 1,497 bank branches across the Southern United States, SunTrust is a regional banking power committed to applying a personal touch to its consumer, business, corporate and institutional clients.

The Goal

Recognizing the need to go digital to enhance client experience and remove paper costs and inefficiencies, the bank launched a Digital Enterprise initiative. This umbrella program included a number of projects, including standardizing on an e-signature solution. For e-signatures, the approach was simple. The bank wanted to lay the groundwork at the enterprise level to ensure a uniform, consistent approach to e-signing across its operations - starting with Treasury.

The Solution

In Treasury, the transformation of the signing process proved dramatic. Before deploying OneSpan Sign, closing service agreements took an average of four days. With e-signatures, it's two days or less. The speed and access to mobile signing has made an impression on busy customers.

The Benefits

  • Cut agreement closings from 4 days to 2
  • Eliminated email complaints; improved customer satisfaction
  • Faster signing accelerates time to revenue
  • Public cloud option launched initial deployment fast
  • Can scale quickly across the enterprise
  • Easy experience for signers and senders encourages adoption