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White Papers & Articles

Beginner’s Guide to Electronic Signatures

This beginner's guide introduces business and IT executives to the key concepts and considerations for moving to paperless, signing processes,…


Case Studies

US Army

Silanis and IBM have enabled 1.4 million personnel across the US Army with secure e-forms and e-signature capability.

eSignLive Corporate Profile

History, company highlights and facts. A 4-page document outlining Silanis' past, present and future, corporate values and goals that shape the company's direction.


e-Vault Manager Datasheet

Store, assign and service your electronically signed e-mortgage notes & e-chattel paper in a secure and compliant e-vault.


e-Sign Desktop Datasheet

The desktop application for e-signing everyday file formats, such as Microsoft Word documents and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.


eSignLive Datasheet

Start e-signing in minutes. Find out how to upload your documents for e-signature and invite signers to your e-sign room.


e-Sign Enterprise Product Demonstration

A 13-minute video demonstration of an online application using click-to-sign and an overview of transaction management and electronic evidence.


eSignLive Enterprise Datasheet

Solution components, features and benefits are covered in this 4-page datasheet.


e-Sign Desktop Demonstration

Download and install a fully functional demo of e-Sign Desktop.

White Papers & Articles

Top 3 E-Signature Use Cases

Wondering what type of e-signature to use for your particular process? Learn why some options are better than others.

White Papers & Articles

Top 6 Legal Risks of Electronic Signatures and E-Transactions

Learn best practices for how to reduce risk, while increasing enforceability when moving business processes online.