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Joint Chiefs of Staff

E-Signatures for truly mission critical processes

The JCS initially came to Silanis with very specific requirements. They wanted a secure electronic signature solution that would precipitate their workflow system immediately. They also wanted an application that would require little or no integration effort or training of key JCS personnel who work on strict deadlines. As the leading commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) electronic signature software on the market, e-Sign Desktop (formerly ApproveIt Desktop) was their first choice. Once e-Sign Desktop was installed and tested, it became evident to the JCS information systems specialists that all personnel would greatly benefit from a department-wide rollout. The JCS has been using the software since July of 1997 in conjunction with its automated workflow system to electronically sign and route documents, and the entire organization has benefited from the cost and time savings associated with a paperless work environment. e-Sign Desktop’s signature security, document authentication, and approval automation capabilities are now an invaluable addition to the JCS’s day-to-day work processes.