Investec Case Study: Agreement Automation for Vehicle Finance Across 1000+ Dealerships

How Investec Improved CX, Compliance, and Auditability with OneSpan Agreement Automation

Utilizing OneSpan’s agreement automation solution, Investec’s customers go through a consistent, fast, friction-free process to sign up to finance at a dealership.

 Investec Case Study

When a customer is ready to sign up for an agreement they receive a link to a unique URL to starts the secure and automated agreement process, which includes online identity verification and authentication, online document presentation, and online signing. The customer can choose whether to complete the process in the dealership, or at home.

Over 25% of Investec’s vehicle finance agreements are signed digitally using OneSpan’s agreement automation solution. 

Get this case study to discover how Investec achieved these outcomes:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Digital audit trails for improved compliance
  • Consistent customer experience regardless of dealer or device