• The goal: Insurance Management Group (IMG) strives to be a paperless organization without compromising customer satisfaction and security
  • The problem: Agents and customers wanted an alternative to printing, scanning and faxing that was convenient and environmentally friendly, while remaining compliant with insurance industry standards
  • The solution: The Silanis eSignLive™ cloud e-signature service is a quick, easy and affordable way for an agency like IMG to begin using e-signatures with customers and agents
  • The results: Results have exceeded expectations:
  1. Their agents are now more efficient and able to process more requests at any given time
  2. Customers are able to e-sign their insurance policies in a matter of minutes, and love the simplicity and clarity that e-signing offers
  3. Customers shop around less since IMG is able to respond quickly
  4. At the management level, the number of not-in-good-order policies has been reduced by 90 percent

The Success Story

New Jersey-based independent insurance agency Insurance Management Group offers custom insurance products spanning property, group life and personal insurance. They wanted to leverage the benefits of a paperless office, while complying with standards within the insurance industry and delivering a superior customer experience.

The right solution for the insurance company had to be convenient and green. This required a service that would eliminate the need to print, scan, fax and physically deliver documents. Because e-signatures would affect important business processes, IMG was looking for the most reputable, trusted, legal and secure online solution available. This agency required features like time stamping and multi-tiered authentication; ironclad evidence that would hold up in court, if needed; a wide range of functionality; and best practice workflows. The Silanis eSignLive cloud e-signature service met their requirements and also stood out in terms of ease of use for both the customers and agents.

Today, their agents have increased efficiency simply by e-signing on the cloud instead of using paper. Documents are signed in a matter of minutes as opposed to days or weeks. There’s no running after customers to get forms completed and there are no mistakes when documents are returned the first time. Customers are very pleased with the ease of use and have offered high praise for the convenience. For IMG, Silanis eSignLive has been a great way to increase customer satisfaction. With cloud-based e-signatures, IMG is one step closer to a paperless environment. In addition, their e-signature solution works flawlessly with CRM software, provides reusable templates and enables quick turnaround for transactions without compromising personal information or processes. Using any web-enabled device, customers and agents are assured that Silanis eSignLive is secure, robust and legal.