• The goal: Streamline the processing of vendor contracts while cutting costs and supporting green business practices.
  • The problem: Hand-signing contracts means the government prints high volumes of paper, incurs expensive courier fees and loses valuable time chasing down signatures.
  • The solution: Integrating the Silanis eSignLive™ cloud e-signature service into the approval process so that officials and contractors can sign contracts quickly and securely over the web.
  • The results:
    – Internal approval time decreased by 75%, dropping from four weeks to just seven days and in some cases down to two days.
    – Vendor signatures are now received within 24 hours instead of two weeks.
    – Dramatically reduced paper usage and completely eliminated all courier fees, which averaged $30 per contract.

The Success Story

The State of Vermont’s Department of Information and Innovation manages the delivery of IT products and services to all of the state’s government departments. By using eSignLive, the Department is processing vendor contracts more efficiently, speeding up processing times, saving money and reducing paper consumption.

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DII signs hundreds of vendor contracts every year and internal approvals for each one used to take up to four weeks. “With eSignLive, the Department’s approval time has been reduced to just seven days, and in some cases two days instead of the usual four to six weeks,” says Peter Kipp, Contracts and Procurement Specialist, State of Vermont.

Additionally, the $30 round-trip fee for couriering each contract to and from the vendor has been eliminated, resulting in significant cost savings. Signing electronically also means that the Department prints much less paper and is better able to meet the State’s commitment to green business practices.

“eSignLive provided us with an extremely cost-effective, yet secure means to relieve the paper signing bottleneck. Not only have we slashed the time it takes to approve contracts, but we have reduced courier costs and supported our commitment to the environment.” – Kris Rowley, Chief Information Security Officer, State of Vermont

Employing eSignLive for its vendor contracting process also helped the Department surpass goals set in response to the State of Vermont’s 2009 “Challenges for Change” initiative, which asked all departments to find innovative ways to improve services while cutting costs.

Apart from making signing more efficient, eSignLive captures secure and easy-to-understand legal evidence that makes its electronic signatures more secure than traditional hand-signing. Contracts signed with eSignLive are also digitally sealed using advanced security technology that reveals any tampering.

“It’s probably even more secure than sending something in an envelope for somebody to sign — you don’t know who signed it on the other end. This way we have a fair degree of certainty as to who signed it because we can track it electronically,” says Kris Rowley, Chief Information Security Officer, State of Vermont.