Enterprise-wide E-Signatures for a Top 20 Financial Institution

The ChallengeEnterprise-wide e-signatures

This top 20 financial institution launched a Digital Enterprise initiative in order to provide a modern customer experience. Within that initiative, the customer wanted to standardize on an e-signature solution. The challenge was to adopt that solution at an enterprise level while allowing business lines to incorporate e-signatures at their own pace. To start, the customer rolled out the solution to their Treasury Management division. 

The Solution

The customer assessed a number of e-signature providers, ultimately selecting OneSpan Sign, because the solution stood out in these categories:

  • Speed to Market: OneSpan Sign enabled the customer to go live quickly with the web application and integrate later.
  • Flexibility in Deployment: The customer could choose between an on-prem, cloud-hosted, and hybrid deployment of their e-signature solution.
  • Ease of Use: The OneSpan Sign UI offered an intuitive drag and drop experience that makes it easy for employees to understand and adopt.

The Results

With e-signature successfully deployed in their Treasury Management line of business, the bank intends to expand the solution to the rest of the enterprise. Already, however, the bank has experienced significant benefits. Agreement closing times are cut in half, the customer experience is improved, and a public cloud option enabled a rapid rollout.