Electronic signature legislation has been in place for years and there is a growing body of case law on electronic records and transactions. But ensuring your processes and records comply with laws and regulations alone will not keep you out of court, nor guarantee a positive outcome in the event of a legal dispute. The electronic evidence must be reliable and presented in a persuasive manner.

Join Silanis and two leading e-commerce law firms to learn about e-signature case law and best practices for preparing for a legal dispute involving electronic transactions.

The Webcast features a review of how e-transaction evidence should be presented to third parties and the court during a legal dispute. This practical advice is based on the recent experience of a top online auto insurance carrier. You will hear how the electronic process has changed the way the company responds to disputes, including the pre-suit protocol that has helped it avoid costly litigation.

This 75-minute presentation will focuses on:

  • Review of US electronic signature law
  • e-Signature case law summary & lessons learned
  • Best practices for preparing e-evidence for legal disputes
  • Solution overview & system requirements