Celent Report: E-Signatures in Banking

Electronic signatures adoption in banking is strong and Celent expects the trend to remain constant. Banks are pleased by how fast and relatively inexpensively they can be implemented, as well as how easily and securely a paper signature process can be automated.

This 37 page except of Celent’s Transforming The Signature – E-Signature Vendors in Banking 2017 offers unique insights into the current electronic signature market. It covers common features and functionality available, how the technology has matured, and provides an in depth comparison of e-signature vendors across the globe. The report highlights:


Use Cases: E-Signatures in Banking

  • Banks are adopting e-signatures across multiple functions and processes
  • New signing scenarios are emerging with the advancement of consumer technology
  • Digital transformation initiatives have impacted the vendor landscape and the product growth


The Evolution of E-Signature Technology

  • New technology advancements have allowed for more deployment options
  • Modern e-signature methods have emerged ranging from click to sign to biometric signature data
  • Global regulations have helped the development of new and updated security features


E-Signature Vendor Comparison

  • Review Celent’s e-signatures in banking checklist when considering vendors
  • See Celent’s recommendations on where to get started
  • Analyse the top e-signature vendor solutions with an detailed overview focused on technology, functionality, service capabilities, and customer base

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For more information on e-signatures in banking use cases see Celent’s 2017 Case Study on Bank of Montreal: Digital Transformation in Personal Banking.

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