The Case for E-Signatures in Human Resources (HR)

e-sign HR documentsOrganizations of all sizes are turning to electronic signatures to digitize HR processes and make it faster and easier to e-sign HR documents. Get firsthand insights into authentication, workflow and mobility best practices from 7 organizations in North America and Europe using e-signatures for recruiting, onboarding, performance reviews and more.


  • Recruiting and onboarding: Remote and in-person signing use cases, on mobile devices, with single- or multi-factor authentication
  • Integration: Learn how an HR portal provider integrated e-signatures in 2 weeks
  • ROI: Accelerate workflows by 70%, save $5 per signature, double your hiring rate
  • Compliance: Learn how e-signatures have made audits easier for Kuehne + Nagel's Swiss auditors

Download this paper to see how e-signatures can help your HR team embrace the advantages of the digital world.

Visit our blog for more information on how we are leveraging our own e-signatures to power HR.


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