Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences organizations around the world are embracing e-signatures to expedite the myriad of paperwork including patient consent forms, clinical research and trials, compliance documents, e-prescriptions, and insurance forms.

Our latest ebook explains what administrators and providers need to know to successfully implement compliant electronic signatures to keep documents moving forward in real time.

Selecting and implementing the right e-signature solution can quickly, cost effectively, and efficiently enable straight-through processing online with complete confidence. It is a healthy alternative to filling out regulated paper forms and chasing wet signatures.


  • Customer Story: Pharma-Care leverages e-signatures for greater efficiencies.
  • Electronic Signatures 101: Everything administrators need to know about electronic signatures, from key differences, the risks and how to ensure successful adoption while remaining compliant.
  • E-SIGN Functionality: Key features and functionality your peers in the pharma industry have found useful in eSignLive’s cloud based e-signature solution.

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