E-Signature Evaluation Toolkit

Protect your company and your career -- Do your due diligence

Toolkit imageDownload the E-Signature Evaluation Toolkit to fast-track your evaluation. You’ll get answers to questions like:
  • Will we get the support we need to ensure success?
  • Can the vendor support my international growth?
  • Will signing evidence protect my company in an audit?
  • Are documents guaranteed tamper-proof in a multi-signer process?
  • Can I customize the UI to reflect my brand?
The E-Signature Evaluation Toolkit contains these resources:
  • Third-party Analyst Report Buyer’s guide outlines 6 key e-signature evaluation criteria
  • Top 10 E-signature Vendor Comparison Based on nearly 2,000 e-signature user reviews
  • RFP Checklist Nearly 100 questions for enterprise decision makers
  • Why Organizations Choose eSignLive The top 10 ways eSignLive differs from competitors
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