Recorded on: Jun 13, 2017


  • Aviv Lubell, Sales Development Representative, Government – eSignLive by VASCO
  • Joseph McKairnes, Principal Systems Engineer – eSignLive by VASCO

Private sector companies, and even the federal government, are rapidly adopting e-signatures in order to meet the initiative of a digital government transformation. It is predicted that in 2017, 700 million transactions per year will rely on electronic signature technology, but as a state or local government leader, you may need to know more before you are comfortable implementing a solution.

When you begin to investigate e-signatures as part of your digital transition questions often arise like, what is the current legal environment around e-signatures and how is it evolving? What business processes and citizen interactions can benefit from e-signatures and how can you ensure you are successful? What are some of the most popular use cases and what ROI metrics have others reported? And of the most frequently asked questions, how do we get started and what’s the effort?

If you are struggling with any of these questions, this on-demand webinar is for you. Our experts cover:

  • The evolving legal landscape around e-signatures
  • Use cases for e-signatures in your agency – including contracting processes
  • The biggest benefits for using e-signatures – and how to be successful
  • A demonstration to show what is involved and you how to get started

This is a valuable resource for decision-makers looking to go digital and or if you are new to a digital transformation project team.

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For more information on e-signature use cases in government agencies read the Success with E-Signatures in State and Local Government written by the Center for Digital Government.

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