Best Practices for Deploying E-Signatures to the Bank Branch

Research findings for bank branch deployments

As part of the research methodology for this paper, we interviewed business and IT stakeholders from U.S. Bank, BMO, RBC, OneMain Financial, a top 4 bank, a top 50 bank, ARGO Data and more. Here's what they told us:

bank branch

  • Select the right product to start with: Approach this through a data-driven exercise. (page 3)
  • Involve the right stakeholders:: Nine people will be critical to the success of your project. (page 5)
  • Visualize the transformation::To gain buy-in, provide a clear understanding of what a signing ceremony is and how it can improve CX. (page 6)
  • Focus on the MVP: Start simple and build out additional functionality in increments. (page 6)
  • <Work with your existing infrastructure: There are only 4 baseline components required to support e-signature in the bank branch. (page 7)
  • Prepare deployment: Recommendations for the QA environment, pilot and progressive roll-out. (page 11)
  • Support change management: Staff must learn a new way of doing business – which may surprise some as the bigger challenge. (page 13)

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