Learn how one of the largest real estate development and property management companies in Canada uses the Silanis eSignLive™ cloud e-signature service to complete real estate deals with global partners.


The goal: Collaboratively secure financing for large real estate projects
The problem: Collaborating with global stakeholders makes face-to-face meetings difficult and costly
The solution: Use Silanis eSignLive™ cloud e-signatures to collaborate across countries and time zones
The results: Business executives, lawyers and insurance representatives from the different companies involved in a real estate transaction now electronically review, annotate and sign all documents required to close the deal.

To complete high-value real estate deals online with its global partners and investors, Canderel, one of Canada’s largest real estate development and property management companies, has integrated eSignLive™ for IBM LotusLive.

“The combined Silanis and IBM services will help us remain competitive by enabling all parties to come together in a secure and collaborative online environment, where we can then electronically participate in the negotiation, pre-closing and closing stages from anywhere in the world,” says Jonathan Wener, Chairman and CEO of Canderel.

IBM’s award-winning online collaboration platform, LotusLive, has partnered with Silanis to create eSignLive for IBM LotusLive. Seamlessly integrated with LotusLive Engage, this e-signature solution allows representatives from each company involved in the real estate transaction to electronically review, annotate and sign all documents required to close the deal quickly, easily and securely, from anywhere and at any time. eSignLive™ also prevents documents from being submitted if they are missing any information, signatures or initials – an important feature for minimizing downstream legal and non-compliance risks.

As an added feature, an Executive Dashboard provides Canderel’s management team with real-time information on: How many documents have been reviewed, annotated or signed;Who signed them;When they were signed;What information and activities are still pending.

Further, eSignLive’s unique and patented Process Reviewer&trade: audit trail technology gives Canderel ironclad evidence should they need to defend agreements in court. Documents signed through eSignLive are legal, irrefutable and tamper evident.

“Eliminating paper from the process means we no longer have to physically sit in the same room, or courier documents back and forth to one another across the country,” says Wener. “This saves costs and time to close the deal.”