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White Papers & Articles

Beginner’s Guide to Electronic Signatures

This beginner's guide introduces business and IT executives to the key concepts and considerations for moving to paperless, signing processes,…



Webcast: E-Signatures 101 in Europe

Watch this information-packed presentation, hosted by AIIM with Richard Medina of Doculabs, where we will provide an overview of the basic terminology, concepts, and laws related to electronic signatures and answer the most frequently asked questions.


Webcast: Making the Case for E-Signature

Watch this webinar with guest speaker from BMO to learn how to develop a business case that outlines the benefits and costs of an e-signature solution.


Webcast: How E-Signatures Can Reduce Risk and Strengthen Enforceability of Signed Records

In this 60 minute webinar featuring Pat Hatfield, Partner at Locke Lord LLP, you will hear practical evidentiary examination of electronic signatures and guidance on how to reduce your risk while improving the customer experience.


Webcast: Statutes for Insurance Policy E-Delivery & E-Posting

This webcast, hosted by Insurance Networking News, features a panel of experts that explain, in simple terms, the regulatory requirements of e-posting and e-delivery and the best practices to keep in mind.


Webcast: Digitizing Financial Services: Defining Your E-Signature Requirements

This webinar outlines key e-signature trends that financial services firms should be aware of as they evaluate the solutions that are available. With guest speaker Craig Le Clair from Forrester Research learn about the driving forces behind e-signature adoption and how to define your e-signature requirements.


Webcast: An Introduction to Electronic Signatures

If you are just beginning to investigate e-signatures for your organization, or if you are new to an e-signature project team, this webcast is a great place to start. With this solid foundation, you will be able to get your e-signature project off to a fast and successful start.


Webcast: Selecting an E-Signature Solution

Watch this 60 minute webinar hosted by CEB to help you define the competencies, functionality, and features that you need from an e-signature solution, draft an RFP, and identify best practices for high adoption.


Webcast: How Credit Unions Can Mitigate Risk

In this 1 hour webinar hosted by CUNA Strategic Services, you'll find out how credit unions can mitigate risks associated to security, compliance and legal concerns in a transforming digital world.


Webcast: The Role of E-Signatures in Your Digital Strategy

In this recorded webinar featuring eSignLive by Vasco and Banking Technology, hear the answers to some of the most common questions related to e-signatures.


Webinar: Driving Your Bank’s Digital Strategy Forward with E-Signatures

The race to digitise the enterprise is on. Modern banks in Australia and New Zealand are “going digital” and this transformation includes leveraging electronic signatures as an underpinning technology to drive that digital strategy forward. E-signatures not only help to improve operational processes, but also modernise the overall customer experience in today’s digital and mobile world.

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