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White Papers & Articles

Beginner’s Guide to Electronic Signatures

This beginner's guide introduces business and IT executives to the key concepts and considerations for moving to paperless, signing processes,…



“Smile & Sign” Mobile Upselling Innovation

Watch this demonstration of "Smile & Sign” mobile onboarding presented at FinovateEurope 2017 in London. This solution solves the fundamental problem of onboarding customers via mobile devices in a secure, user friendly and legal manner for financial services and banking industries.


New Digital eMortgage Suite Demo

Watch Michael Laurie walk through a 2-step hybrid e-closings demo of eSignLive's brand new product suite, showcasing the integration of SMART Docs and MERS.


Quick Demo

Send yourself a document to e-sign. See how easy it is.


E-Signature Demonstration for Car Insurance

Learn how to use electronic signatures to close business online with remote customers.


Electronic Signature Demonstration for Life Insurance

This 30-minute video features a walk through of a live demonstration of how easy it is to e-sign a life insurance application in-person or remotely.


E-Signatures for Credit Unions

Watch a demo of how easy and convenient it is for Jim and Mary to e-sign their credit union application form.


e-Sign Enterprise Product Demonstration

A 13-minute video demonstration of an online application using click-to-sign and an overview of transaction management and electronic evidence.


e-Sign Desktop Demonstration

Download and install a fully functional demo of e-Sign Desktop.