Customer expectations, combined with the accessibility of cloud-based e-signature plug-ins for popular CRM applications like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, are removing final barriers to the adoption of a fully electronic contracting process.

Soon, e-signatures will replace pen and paper as the standard method to execute contracts. eSignLive by Silanis processes more e-contracts that any other e-signature provider. In this white paper, we share the top benefits of e-signing contracts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and focus on key value areas for organizations of any size that want to:

  • Remove paper from contracting processes;
  • Quickly add robust e-signature capabilities for legal enforceability and compliance purposes;
  • Centralize storage of signed contracts in Dynamics CRM or SharePoint (not on staff’s local systems);
  • Make it easier for internal and external parties to securely access reliable records from any system.


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