At Silanis, our goal is to provide the highest levels of service to customers and technology partners worldwide. Professional Services (PS) is the front-line team that works closely with customers to ensure successful implementations and upgrades of our enterprise e-signature platform. This group is also responsible for training.

Our PS team counts a combined 35 years of e-signature implementation experience, and is made up of project managers, software architects, technical consultants and QA experts who provide guidance through each step of the implementation.

Customers benefit from our experience in many ways. For example, when trying to determine the best process design and e-signature options for their individual needs, PS will evaluate the technical environment, business transaction, end-user requirements and other factors and make recommendations based on industry best practices.

Customers also benefit from the tools we have developed over the years, such as our accelerator assets, which speed up implementation and reduce risk of delays. We take pride in the fact that all of our implementations have successfully gone to production – a noteworthy achievement in the world of enterprise software.

Our PS consultants deliver services based on best practices in the following areas:

  • Project planning and execution
  • e-Signature process architecture, design and development
  • Consulting and support
  • Testing
  • On-site deployment services
  • Integration
  • Performance tuning
  • Upgrades
  • Training


The Silanis implementation methodology gets projects fully deployed on schedule, on budget and on spec. In brief, it consists of six phases with three dedicated to capturing the customer’s functional and technical requirements in detail; understanding how to support the IT environment; and generating an accurate and complete statement of work. From there, the e-signature solution is developed, deployed and tested, and we begin training. Finally, the customer is transitioned over to the customer support team for ongoing support.


This comprehensive and proven methodology recently helped an insurance carrier go live in as little as two months. Of course, each implementation is different and the complexity level varies depending on the project scope, integration within other systems, volume of transactions and other factors.

Our larger enterprise deployments usually involve a fully tailored implementation, with a PS team working alongside the customer’s IT teams and external partners/vendors. As a result, we have gained extensive experience with:

  • Multi-channel remote and in-person e-signing processes
  • e-Vaulting
  • Assisting in the integration with other enterprise systems (CMS, DMS, BPM, etc.)
  • Using multiple hardware signature capture devices
  • And more


The Silanis platform includes custom-designed e-signature process templates that can be built and deployed within complex, automated transactional processes according to specific process flow, user interface and integration standards. Silanis offers a training program for technical/developer IT resources, to help them acquire the skills for building and deploying e-signature processes during implementation. This includes:

  • Admin Training: Enables participants to autonomously install, configure and manage the platform.
  • e-Signature Process Design Training: Equips participants to design and create new e-signature process templates as well as modify existing templates.
  • Integration Training: Helps participants build integration interface points with the solution to send/receive system-to-system messages and notifications.