Closeup of the hands of a well-dressed professional wearing a suit and watch while typing on a laptop with a spiral-bound notebook and pen next to it Closeup of the hands of a well-dressed professional wearing a suit and watch while typing on a laptop with a spiral-bound notebook and pen next to it

OneSpan Sign
Professional Plan

Start e-signing in minutes with our electronic signature, web and mobile apps, and 3rd party connectors – starting at $20 per user per month*

Ideal for on-demand, ad-hoc signing of business contracts, NDAs, HR and legal documents and more

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    Built on 25 years of best-in-class capabilities for the most seamless and secure e-signing experience

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    Advanced Security

    Protects the document and each person’s signature using military-grade digital signature technology

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    Compliance & Legal

    Strengthens your compliance and deters legal disputes with the most advanced audit trail technology

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    Easy for Senders

    Enables business users to quickly prepare documents and invite people to sign them using drag’n drop features

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    Easy for Signers

    Prompts people to sign and initial in all the right places, and prevents documents from being returned if missing

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    Easy for Administrators

    Enables administrators to create re-usable templates, configure role-based signing rules, and more

How it Works

Free 30-Day Trial

  • iPad - Senders - NDA Transaction

    CREATE TRANSACTION: The sender enters each signers’ name and email address, uploads the document to be signed, and specifies the signing order, authentication method, language and expiry date.

  • iPad - Senders - Prepare

    PREPARE & SEND DOCUMENTS: Drag and drop signature blocks and data capture fields into the document, then click “Send” to send signers an email notification inviting them to sign the document.

  • iPad - Senders Track Status

    TRACK STATUS: The sender can monitor the status of all documents to be signed via the application’s dashboard. The sender is also notified by email when each signer has signed the document.

  • iPhone - Signers Invitation

    SIGNING INVITATION: The signer receives an email invitation with a link to access the document to sign. For added security, the signer may be asked to authenticate their identity before accessing the document if requested by the sender.

  • How it works for signers - review and sign document

    REVIEW & SIGN: The signer is guided to sign, initial and enter additional signing information into the document. Once signed, the document is automatically routed back to the sender, or to the next person who must sign the document.

  • For signers - confirmation

    REVIEW & SIGN: The signer is emailed a link to the completed document once every person has signed. The signer can then download the final e-signed documents from the application.

  • Notebook - Admin Features

    ADMIN FEATURES: OneSpan Sign makes it easy for administrators to manage accounts, configure role-based signing rules through groups and permissions, create re-usable templates to reduce document preparation steps for senders, like inserting signature and data placement fields, and more.

  • Upload bulk recipient file

    BULK SEND: This add-on feature enables documents to be sent to many recipients at the same, eliminating the need to prepare individual transactions. Ideal for signing HR documents and policy changes, terms of service, NDAs, and more. Learn more

  • Fast track button to support high-volume signing processes.

    FAST TRACK: This add-on feature enables you to embed a dedicated URL into your website or portal to support high-volume signing processes. Idea for signing customer onboarding documents, waiver forms, event registrations, employee consent forms, and more. Learn more

Security & Compliance

Prove your compliance and deflect legal disputes with the most comprehensive audit trails

An e-signed document visible on a tablet device, with the signatures timestamped audit trail highlighted.

Capture the step-by-step, signing workflow - as seen and experienced by your customers. Our patented ‘visual’ audit trail reproduces all web screens, legal disclosures and documents that were presented, and how long people took at each step. This makes it faster and less costly to prove what happened.

  • Compare Static and Visual Audit Trails

    Static audit trails

    Static Audit Trail

    Captures what was signed

    OneSpan Sign captures standard audit trail information, such as who signed, what document, when (time-stamp), where (IP address), in what order, and how. The static audit trail is embedded directly in the document, making it easier to verify and store e-signed documents as a single, portable file.

    An e-signed document visible on a tablet device, with the signatures timestamped audit trail highlighted.

    Visual Audit Trail

    Captures all information presented to users during the web transaction

    OneSpan Sign is the only solution to capture active visual audit trail of all information presented to users that helped build their understanding of what there were signing. This includes consenting to OneSpan Sign, all disclosures, and other web screens. This makes it faster, easier and less costly to prove your compliance and build your legal case.

Secure your documents and each person’s signature using military-grade, digital signature technology

Laptop - Error Information

OneSpan Sign guarantees document integrity by applying a digital signature and tamper seal after each person has signed, and then automatically detecting if a change is made in between signers. And unlike other providers, OneSpan Sign embeds the audit trail directly in the document, enabling you to instantly verify it with just one click.

  • Compare OneSpan Sign’s security with the competition

    Digital signatures for each and every signer

    Digital Signature for EACH & EVERY Signer

    OneSpan Sign secures each person’s signature in the document using digital signature technology so that if a change is made in between signers, their signature is visibly invalidated. This deters fraud and provides a more reliable audit trail. The audit trail is directly embedded in the document, resulting in a single file that’s easier to verify and manage.

    Digital signatures for all

    Digital Signature for ALL Signers

    Some other e-signature solutions only apply a tamper seal wrapper at the end of the signing process, enabling the document’s content to be modified without detection in between signers. What’s more, their audit trail is only available as a separate file, forcing you to store two files and making it longer to verify.

Built on leading infrastructure services from Amazon, IBM and Microsoft to ensure high application security

Infrastructure Security

Keep your company and customer data safe using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption. OneSpan Sign complies with SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA, FedRAMP and other stringent industry security and privacy requirements. See the summary of the auditor’s report at the Trust Center.



Go paperless anywhere in the world while complying with country-specific regulations.

With our global data centers and multiple languages and support options for electronic signatures, you can do business securely and legally from anywhere in the world.

Global Data Centers

Runs on world-class data centers to meet in-country data residency requirements: US, Canada, UK, Germany and Australia. Compliant with SOC 2, FedRAMP, HIPAA and more.

Languages & Support

Localized in 14 languages. Get tech support in multiple languages, weekdays during local business hours. Self-serve support online through the forums or user community.

Global E-Sign Laws

Supports eIDAS requirements for advanced and qualified e-signatures so you can transact across all 28 EU Member States. Also supports requirements with other global e‑sign regulations.



Get transparent pricing with no nickel and diming, no hidden fees, and no surprises

Unlike other electronic signature providers, you won’t see an astronomical price increase at the end of your contract. What’s more, if your needs and volume change before your contract is up, we’ll re-assess the terms so that you maintain a cost-effective solution – today and tomorrow.


Web app, mobile app, and pre-built connectors – get all three starting at $20 per user per month when paid annually* ($33.50 month to month)

Sign up for the web application

Sign up for the OneSpan Sign web application and send your first document for signature in minutes. No hardware or software investment required.

create transaction

Instantly prepare, send and sign documents while on the go using the OneSpan Sign native mobile app for iOS and Android – even without an internet connection. Built for mobile signing from the ground up.

Laptop Versions

Drop OneSpan Sign into Salesforce, Microsoft SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Nintex, Drawloop, Box, Salesforce CPQ and other third-party applications using our pre-built connectors. No coding required.


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