e-SignLive offers the strongest legal protection for your electronic records, signatures and transactions. We produce the most comprehensive, secure, accessible and reliable electronic evidence of any electronic signature solution.

We helped one leading auto insurance company deflect over 1 million customer disputes that may otherwise have ended up in court.


Our document security is ironclad. Any modifications made to an e-signed document, however small, will invalidate the signatures. e-SignLive protects your records with:

  • Digital signatures applied at each signature location creating a reliable audit trail of who signed, in what order, at what time, in what locations
  • One-click signature and document verification ensures errors, fake signatures and altered documents are easily detected


e-SignLive’s digital signatures AND audit trail are embedded in the document and travel everywhere seamlessly, with the record.

  • Audit trail and signatures are securely embedded in the document – no need to manage documents, signatures and evidence separately
  • Verify the e-signed document and access the detailed audit trail offline, without going to a website
  • Store e-signed documents in your chosen system of record, according to your organization’s retention policies (or keep them in e-SignLive if you prefer)


When legal disputes arise involving electronic transactions, you want the best possible evidence and that includes being able to prove that the process used to capture a signature was fair, and in compliance. e-SignLive records the entire document review and signing process from start to finish including – referred to as the active audit trail – a unique capability in the marketplace:

  • The actual web pages and documents that were displayed
  • How long signers spent on each page
  • Signer actions in browser
  • The signer IP address
  • Emails sent


e-SignLive strengthens your legal and compliance position by capturing and reproducing stronger evidence than is possible with pen and paper. We help you:

  • Stay out of court – avoid the legal expense and effort involved when disputes go to court
  • Reduce the cost and effort of gathering evidence to defend transactions
  • Make evidence easily accessible to compliance staff and auditors
  • Reduce the cost of proving compliance
  • Avoid fines related to non-compliance
  • Protect your brand and reputation

Proven Security

In addition, e-SignLive meets a wide range of security control and compliance requirements set forth by third-party evaluators:

SOC2-LogoService Organization Control (SOC) 2 is among the highest standards for cloud security and data protection. It recognizes our commitment as a service organization to create and maintain the strictest controls needed to ensure the highest quality and security of services for our customers. Silanis is the first and only e-signature company that is SOC 2 compliant. 

Skyhigh-Enterprise-Ready-SealSkyhigh Enterprise-Ready cloud services fully satisfy the most stringent requirements for data protection, identity verification, service security, business practices, and legal protection.

Choose the strongest legal protection – when e-signatures matter to your business™