e-SignLive gives you all the building blocks you need to create an exceptional signing experience for your customers, employees and business partners. With e-SignLive, you can configure the e-signature workflow to fit any type of process, using any device, in any channel – in a way that makes it easy and convenient for people to sign electronically.

This product is used daily for thousands of signatures across our business. The ease of use is point and click, so for most of our customers it is a no-brainer, they just sign and click as if they were buying groceries.

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Q4 2013

e-SignLive is the product of 20 years of e-signature adoption best practices. Our software has the industry’s highest adoption rates in any channel: 99% online, 90% in-branch and 75-95% on mobile devices used by the remote sales force. With that many people choosing e-SignLive over pen and paper, there is something to be said about creating a simple, straightforward experience for your signers.


e-SignLive provides a wide range of options so you can create an ideal signing process for your needs.  We let you choose from the following flexible workflow options:

  • How signers enter the transaction

    Signers may access the e-signature transaction either via email invitation, a link on a web page or even a barcode.

  • How to authenticate signers

    Choose the type of signer authentication that matches your process and the risk level of the transaction. Options include username and password, third party identification service and SMS passcode.

  • How to capture signatures

    e-SignLive supports multiple methods of signature capture, including click-to-sign and hand-scripted signature capture on a tablet or a mobile device.

  • Structure the workflow

    Specify the order and role of signers, the order of document review and signing, and additional data that needs to be captured. Enforce rules throughout the transaction to ensure compliance requirements are met.


e-SignLive makes it possible to e-sign anywhere, anytime on any device. Our support for mobile leverages the unique capabilities of mobile tablets and phones for handwritten signature capture using a stylus or fingertip, clicking a button to sign, extended e-evidence gathering and more. e-SignLive also enables signers to start the e-signature process on one device, pause and continue with a different device or computer at a later time if that’s more convenient. Learn more about the e-SignLive mobile experience.


For the business user sending out documents for signature, e-SignLive Integrated Edition provides the straight-through processing for maximum efficiency. Once integrated, users can initiate e-sign transactions in a single click, directly from within their everyday applications.

Choose the best e-signing experience – when e-signatures matter to your business™