eSignLive offers the most flexible and extensive set of e-signature features.

eSignLive is built for businesses. We know that reliability, scalability and security are non-negotiable for our customers, but beyond that, it’s all about choice. Whatever the project scope, size of budget, complexity of process or deployment preference, we have you covered.

Easy to Use

  • On-premises and in the Cloud

    Deploy eSignLive behind your firewall or in the cloud without compromising on your requirements.

  • Sign On Any Device

    Capture signatures on your website, at a point-of-sale, or out in the field using a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Signers are not required to download anything and can e-sign using only a standard web browser. eSignLive supports click-to-sign, handwritten signature capture, fax-back signing, and more.

  • Mobile

    Capture signatures over the web, in a point-of-sale environment, or out in the field using any computer system or mobile device. eSignLive supports click-to-sign, live handwritten signature capture, fax-back signing, and more. Learn more about the eSignLive mobile experience.

  • Advanced Workflow Options

    Multiple signers, multiple signatures per signer, multi-party routing, document and signing order, sequential and parallel workflow – we have your basics covered. And with support for document insertion, proxy signing, paper-based review and much more, we can support even the most complex workflow requirements.

  • Automated Workflow Rules

    With eSignLive you can define and enforce the order of signers and documents, you can ensure disclosures are reviewed and accepted in advance of signing, and most importantly prevent incomplete documents with missing signatures or data from being returned.

  • Forms

    Data can be captured before or during a transaction, merged with PDF documents and instantly reflected in the documents. eSignLive supports a number of data field types including text, check boxes and drop down. Fields can be flagged as required or optional.

  • Authentication Options

    Leverage existing username and password credentials; make a call to a 3rd party identification service (knowledge-based authentication) such as Equifax eIDVerifier; or use eSignLive’s built-in authentication features including shared secret questions (Q&A) and SMS textcode.

    eSignLive can also leverage digital certificates issued by third-party certificate authorities (CAs) or an organization’s public key infrastructure (PKI). Our solution supports digital certificates stored on the user’s system, government-issued smartcards (e.g., CAC and PIV) and DIGIPASS hardware tokens to authenticate the digital identity of signers.

  • Intuitive Interface And Navigation

    eSignLive provides its customers a simple and intuitive document review and signing process. Modern, clean, and sleek, eSignLive’s new user experience allows users to navigate through the application to help them easily prepare, send and sign documents. Learn more about the new user experience.

  • Global Support

    eSignLive has been deployed in more than 46 countries and is available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Russian, Korean and Danish.

Easy To Integrate And Customize

  • Integration

    Looking to automate a straight-through process with e-signatures? Integrate e-signing with your upstream and downstream systems,, and your internal and customer-facing applications to streamline transactions from start to finish. Developers have access to complete API documentation, sample code, SDKs for .NET, Java, APEX and iOS, a free sandbox environment and connectors to test drive and expedite integration.

  • White-label Branding

    Organizations looking to keep their brand front and center can customize the look-and-feel of the e-signing environment for a seamless transition between your branded application and the e-sign transaction.

Easy To Manage

  • Transaction Management

    Empower business users to prepare and manage transactions. Give staff and management real-time visibility into customer transactions. eSignLive enables your team to monitor customer transactions to see who has signed and what transactions are coming due, while alerting them of any transactions requiring immediate attention. Notifications, expirations and reminders can be scheduled to help keep the process moving forward.

  • Groups And Permissions

    Manage role-based signing rules through groups and permissions. Requests for signatures can be managed and shared amongst members of a group.

  • Document Preparation

    eSignLive needs to know where to place signature cues and blocks. Documents can be prepared for e-signing in an automated straight through process using x/y coordinates, form field names, or text anchors. Alternatively, senders can manually drag and drop the signature block via an intuitive web-based GUI. Document reusable templates can be saved for maximum efficiency.

  • Reports And Dashboards

    Business users and managers can create and export reports to identify trends and bottlenecks.

Easy To Prove

  • Document Security

    Each signature block is secured with a digital signature so that you cannot copy and paste it without detection. Our comprehensive, embedded audit trail reports on who signed, in what order, at what time, in what locations. Verify the validity of the signatures and the document in one intuitive step – simply click the signature block and a green check will appear (valid). If the document was modified in any way, a warning message will appear.

  • Comprehensive Audit Trails

    eSignLive’s digital signatures AND audit trail are embedded in the document and travel everywhere, seamlessly with the record. No need to return to our website or servers to verify the document. The records can be indexed, stored and retrieved easily in the system of record of your choice giving you vendor independence and reassurance.

    In addition, easily demonstrate compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements with a visual replay of the exact process that was used to capture people’s signatures in documents. eSignLive's active audit trail records the entire document review and signing process from start to finish including the actual web pages and documents that were displayed, how long customers spent on each page, all actions they took, IP address, and much more.

  • Cloud Security

    We take the security of your data and documents very seriously. That’s why we chose to partner with the leading cloud service providers in the world. eSignLive is hosted at an ISO 27001, SSAE 16/SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3, PCI DSS Level 1 – compliant data center and we have a flawless track record of keeping our customer’s data secure. In addition to the numerous controls in place at the data center level, the eSignLive service has completed the Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 attestation – among the highest standards for cloud security and data protection.

  • Platform

    eSignLive is an enterprise-class solution with proven performance, processing nearly 1 billion documents and signers each year. The solution has been load tested to a capacity of 3 billion documents/year for a single installation. eSignLive Uptime Monitor > 99.997%