eSignLive for Print Driver

Quickly send documents out for signing from any Windows-based application

Instead of printing to paper, print to eSignLive. The eSignLive Printer Driver enables you to easily send documents directly to eSignLive from any application, including Microsoft Word, Excel, Office 365, Google Docs, Adobe Acrobat and more. The Print Driver acts like a printer and prepares any printable document for electronic signatures.

If you’re able to print from your 3rd party application, you can use the eSignLive Print Driver to capture electronic signatures. Available at no extra charge to all eSignLive customers. Learn about our various product plans.

How it works

1. Install the Print Driver locally on your desktop or company’s network
2. Select “Send to eSignLive” from your application’s print menu
3. Log in with your eSignLive credentials and name your document package
4. Apply an existing layout to the document
to automatically add pre-defined signature blocks and data fields
5. Click “OK” to send to eSignLive!

Easy for Senders

Packed with features to streamline transaction preparation and management – both at the office and on the go.

eSignLive’s fully responsive design enables business users to easily prepare, send and monitor transactions from any device. Just print to eSignLive to kick-start the e-signing process from your favorite Windows application, such as Microsoft Word or Excel.
Easy for Business Users

An intuitive, drag-and-drop interface reduces the number of steps to create transactions. Monitor transactions via the dashboard. Guided tour eliminates the need for training.

Easy for Administrators

Enables system administrators to sort transactions, create re-usable templates, manage accounts, configure role-based signing rules through groups and permissions, and more.


Optional add-ons like Bulk Send and Fast Track make it easier to manage large numbers of signers. Eliminates manual work for the sender and saves time.

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Easy for Signers

Keep your brand in the spotlight to build trust in the process and drive high transaction completion rates

Gives you the flexibility to fully white-label the signing experience so signers see your brand – and only your brand – from start to finish.
Seamless Experience

Brand the signing ceremony, emails and notifications. Give your signers a simple, seamless experience that feels like they never left your website.

Best Experience in Any Channel

Configure the workflow to offer signers the best experience in any channel – retail point of sale, online, call center, face-to-face with an agent, etc.

No Training, No Account

Intuitive visual cues and colorful signature blocks guide signers. No training or account required to sign.

Compare a white-labeled vs. a non-branded signing experience

White Labeled

eSignLive’s brand doesn’t appear in any of the interfaces or email notifications.  Your brand remains in the spotlight to ensure the most seamless user experience. This helps drive high adoption and transaction complete rates.

Not White-Labeled

With some e-signature vendors, their brand is part of the user experience creating confusion and risk of customers dropping off. What’s more, emails are sent from the vendor’s servers, creating the risk of as phishing scams,  malware and potential lawsuits as a result.

Digital Signatures

Guarantees the integrity of the signed document by tamper sealing it after each person signs to protect you and your customers

If a change is made in between signers, it’s automatically detected and the document is invalidated.
Document Security

Ensures the integrity of e-signed documents by applying a digital signature and tamper-seal after each person has signed. Learn more about digital signatures.

1-Click Verification

Embeds the audit trail into the e-signed PDF. Includes a an easy, one-click verification process to validate integrity of the document and signatures.

Digital Certificates

A choice of local- and server-signing options for organizations that rely on digital certificates for signing.

Compare eSignLive’s digital signatures with the competition

Digital Signature for ALL Signers

Some other e-signature solutions only apply a tamper seal wrapper at the end of the signing process, enabling the document’s content to be modified without detection in between signers. What’s more, their audit trail is only available as a separate file, forcing you to store two files and making it longer to verify.

Digital Signature for EACH & EVERY Signer

eSignLive secures each person’s signature in the document using digital signature technology so that if a change is made in between signers, their signature is visibly invalidated. This deters fraud and provides a more reliable audit trail. The audit trail is directly embedded in the document, resulting in a single file that’s easier to verify and manage.

Audit Trails

Deflect legal disputes and prove compliance – quickly and cost effectively – with the most comprehensive audit trails.

The only e-signature solution to capture both a static and patented visual audit trail of the step-by-step signing process – as seen and experienced by signers.

Signers individual time experience:

Signers individual time experience:

Signers individual time experience:

Signers individual time experience:

All Content

Captures the exact appearance of all web pages, disclosures and documents used to help signers understand the terms of the contract or agreement.

All Actions

Captures every action taken by signers: click-to-accept, click-to-initial, click-to-sign, save sessions, download, etc.

Time Stamp

Records when people logged in and out, and how long they spent on each web page and document.

Compare a traditional audit trail with a visual audit trail

Static Audit Trail

Captures what was signed

eSignLive captures standard audit trail information, such as who signed, what document, when (time-stamp), where (IP address), in what order, and how. The static audit trail is embedded directly in the document, making it easier to verify and store e-signed documents as a single, portable file.

'Visual’ Audit Trail

Captures all information presented to users during the web transaction  

eSignLive is the only solution to capture active visual audit trail of all information presented to users that helped build their understanding of what there were signing. This includes consenting to E-SIGN, all disclosures, and other web screens. This makes it faster, easier and less costly to prove your compliance and build your legal case.


Go paperless anywhere in the world while complying with country-specific regulations.

With our global data centers, and multiple languages and support options, you can do business securely and legally from anywhere in the world.
Global Data Centers

Runs on world-class data centers to meet in-country data residency requirements: US, Canada, UK, Germany and Australia. Compliant with SOC 2, FedRAMP, HIPAA and more

Go global
Languages & Support

Localized in 13 languages. Get tech support in multiple languages, weekdays during local business hours. Self-serve support online through the forums or user community.

Global E-Sign Laws

Support eIDAS requirements for advanced and qualified e-signatures so you can transact across all 28 EU Member States. Also support requirements with other global e-sign regulations.



We won’t nickel and dime you for every feature, and there are no hidden fees.

Get started for only $20 per user, per month, knowing we won’t lock you down. We’ll reassess your price as your needs and volume change. Hear eSignLive President Tommy Petrogiannis explain our philosophy on pricing and protecting the interests of our customers.

Ask us about volume discounts and not-for-profit pricing.