eSignLive Enterprise Plan

Integrate e-signatures with your applications using our open API and SDKs

  • Add 25-years of best-in-class, e-signature capabilities to your web and mobile apps or core systems
  • Sign anytime, anywhere, on any device while ensuring the most secure, compliant and seamless user experience
  • Automate the signing workflow from start to finish to eliminate all manual processing and errors
  • Implement e-signatures as a shared service across multiple lines of business and use cases

The eSignLive Difference

Automate any use case, no matter how simple or complex, without introducing risk.

Built on more than two decades of best-in-class e-signature capabilities, eSignLive balances ease-of-use with the highest levels of security and compliance, while providing the most options for going live anywhere in the world.
Easy to Use

Easy for signers, senders and developers. Enables you to fully white label and customize the signing workflow and all interfaces for your brand to ensure the most trusted and seamless user experience.

Security & Compliance

Compliant with the most stringent cloud and document security standards. Uses advanced digital signature technology to protect the integrity of signed documents, while capturing the most comprehensive audit trails.

Deployment & Scalability

Provides a unified platform and integration framework with a wide range of deployment options to comply with your risk protocols and industry regulations, and scale with your growing needs.


Integrates seamlessly with your systems to fully automate the signing workflow from start to finish.

Eliminates all manual processing and related errors and costs by keeping the document review, signing and QA process fully electronic.
Upstream Systems

Your e-applications, forms, CCM, BPM, CRM or other systems collects and merges the data, generates the documents to be signed, and passes them to eSignLive.

See all supported upstream systems

eSignLive authenticates signers, presents the documents to be signed, captures additional data as required, and prompts people to sign and initial in all the right places. Signed documents are then passed to your downstream system.

Downstream Systems

Your content or records management system receives the e-signed documents, passes it on to other systems for downstream processing, and stores the document along with its audit trail.

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Easy For Signers

An intuitive and secure signing experience that is optimized for all devices to drive high completion rates

Provides an easy and intuitive signing workflow right ‘out of the box’, while enabling you to fully customize the signing experience and white label the solution for your brand.
Anywhere, Any Device

Provides an optimized signing experience across all channels and devices.

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Easy to Use

Easy-to-follow cues that guides people to sign and initial in all the right places so documents are returned free of errors and omissions.

White Labeled

Fully white label the signing experience so that only your brand appears in all web screens, mobile interfaces and email notifications to build and maintain trust in the process.

Compare a white labeled vs. a non-white labeled signing experience

White Labeled

eSignLive’s brand doesn’t appear in any of the interfaces or email notifications.  Your brand remains in the spotlight to ensure the most seamless user experience. This helps drive high adoption and transaction complete rates.

Not White Labeled

With some e-signature vendors, their brand is part of the user experience creating confusion and risk of customers dropping off. What’s more, emails are sent from the vendor’s servers, creating the risk of phishing scams,  malware and potential lawsuits as a result.


Built on market-leading cloud infrastructure services and trusted by the some of the world’s most security-conscious organizations

Offers highly secure global data centers with real-time replication of data across distributed locations to ensure continuous availability and optimal performance.
Infrastructure Security

Hosted on Amazon, IBM and Microsoft’s world-class cloud infrastructure services. State-of-the-art data centers with military-grade security of facilities.

Application Security

Compliant with the most stringent global security standards, including SOC 2, HIPAA and FedRAMP. Recognizes our commitment to maintain the strictest controls over cloud security and data protection.

Strong Encryption

Full document and database-level encryption using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption.

Digital Signatures

Guarantees the integrity of the signed document by tamper sealing it after each person signs to protect you and your customers

If a change is made in between signers, it’s automatically detected and the document is invalidated.
Document Security

Ensures the integrity of e-signed documents by applying a digital signature and tamper-seal after each person has signed. Learn more about digital signatures.

1-Click Verification

Embeds the audit trail into the e-signed PDF. Includes an easy, one-click verification process to validate integrity of the document and signatures.

Digital Certificates

A choice of local- and server-signing options for organizations that rely on digital certificates for signing.

Compare eSignLive’s digital signatures with the competition

Digital Signature for ALL Signers

Some other e-signature solutions only apply a tamper seal wrapper at the end of the signing process, enabling the document’s content to be modified without detection in between signers. What’s more, their audit trail is only available as a separate file, forcing you to store two files and making it longer to verify.

Digital Signature for EACH & EVERY Signer

eSignLive secures each person’s signature in the document using digital signature technology so that if a change is made in between signers, their signature is visibly invalidated. This deters fraud and provides a more reliable audit trail. The audit trail is directly embedded in the document, resulting in a single file that’s easier to verify and manage.

Audit Trails

Most comprehensive audit trails - makes it faster and less costly to prove your compliance and deflect legal disputes

The only e-signature solution to capture both a static AND a patented visual audit trail of the signing process – as seen and experienced by signers. Reproduces both the signed document AND all web screens and legal disclosures presented beforehand.

Signers individual time experience:

Signers individual time experience:

Signers individual time experience:

Signers individual time experience:

All Content

Captures the exact appearance of all web pages, legal disclosures and documents used to help signers understand the terms of the contract or agreement.

All Actions

Captures every action taken by signers: accept disclosures, e-sign and initial documents, save session, upload / download documents, etc.


Records when people logged in and out of the transaction, and how long they spent reading each web page and document.

Compare a traditional audit trail with a visual audit trail

Static Audit Trail

Captures what was signed

eSignLive captures standard audit trail information, such as who signed, what document, when (time-stamp), where (IP address), in what order, and how. The static audit trail is embedded directly in the document, making it easier to verify and store e-signed documents as a single, portable file.

Visual Audit Trail

Captures all information presented to users during the web transaction

eSignLive is the only solution to capture active visual audit trail of all information presented to users that helped build their understanding of what there were signing. This includes consenting to E-SIGN, all disclosures, and other web screens. This makes it faster, easier and less costly to prove your compliance and build your legal case.


The most flexible deployment architecture for getting e-signatures out to your customers, partners and employees – quickly and securely

Provides a wide range of deployment and data privacy options to choose from to ensure compliance with your company’s risk protocols and industry regulations.
  • Public cloud, shared tenant
  • Public cloud, own tenant
  • Private cloud
  • On-premises
  • Combination
Global Data Centers
  • U.S.
  • Canada
  • U.K.
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • More coming soon
Code Once. Deploy Anywhere.

Re-use the same code across your different lines of business, use cases and channels. Makes it easy and cost-effective to provide e-signatures across your company, and switch deployment methods should your IT policies change.


Scales quickly and cost-effectively across your enterprise, both locally and abroad

The only solution to provide a unified platform and integration framework that maintains high security, compliance and performance everywhere in the world.
Scalable data centers

Quickly deploy new public or private instances of eSignLive virtually anywhere in the world by leveraging the global data center networks of our cloud infrastructure partners, while complying with in-country data residency requirements

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Shared services infrastructure

Implement e-signatures as a shared service that can be easily accessed by any division. Fulfill company-wide needs using a centralized e-signature platform.

Maintain high performance

Load-tested to a capacity of 3 billion documents per year. Hosted on redundant infrastructures and provides a carrier-grade availability SLA of 99.999%.

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Easy For Developers

Build a working prototype in as little as 10 minutes and go-live in just a few days

Develop in the cloud and deploy anywhere using the same code base. You’ll get an out- of- the- box UI and sample code to facilitate rapid development and extensive support.
Programming Languages

Our powerful, REST-based open API and SDKs support the most widely used programming languages:Java, .NET, APEX, Android and iOS.

Developer Community

Join our community to get product support and access to our peer to peer forum, extensive documentation, sample code and code share, how to tips, and webcasts

Proof of Concept

Quickly build a working prototype using developer tools and free sample code to initiate the e-signing workflow from your web or mobile application.


Partner with an e-signature expert who is deeply committed to your long-term success

You can count on getting the white-glove treatment before AND after you become a customer, no matter how big or small your company is. We do what it takes to make every one of our customer’s e-signature project successful – today and tomorrow. That’s why we are #1 in customer satisfaction, customer retention and NPS of any e-signature provider.
Professional Services

You’ll have access to a professional services team with extensive integration experience that is ready to help you with any aspect of your integration project – no matter how big or small.

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Customer Success Rep (CSR)

You’ll get one point of contact who will ensure a quick and smooth on-boarding process and take proactive measures to make sure you’re using eSignLive efficiently and effectively after you go live.

Product Support

You’ll get live global support via the phone, email and chat – free of charge – from a highly responsive, in-house team with deep e-signature expertise.


A cost-effective solution, no matter what your document or user volumes are – today and tomorrow

Unlike other e-signature providers, we’re transparent. We won’t nickel and dime you for every feature, and there are no hidden fees. What’s more, we’ll re-assess the cost and pricing structure as your needs and volumes change even before your contract expires.

Learn more about eSignLive’s philosophy around pricing and protecting the interests of our customers