The eSignLive Enterprise Plan provides the most flexible, scalable and proven electronic signature solution for your system-generated processes. Integrate e-signing capabilities into your website, web portal and third-party or home-grown systems. Our single SaaS platform manages every aspect of the signing process to ensure that your documents are enforceable, compliant and secure.

eSignLive can be deployed publicly or privately in the cloud, or on-premises behind your organization’s firewall for maximum control over data and systems. Highly configurable, it can be implemented as a shared service to grow with your needs over time, while supporting the unique requirements of any process, department, channel and geography – all from a single installation.

Flexible Options for the Best Signer Experience

e-SignLive makes it easy to pick and choose the right options to create the best signer experience – at every step of the signing process.

  • Open API and SDKs – Build your own custom integration to eSignLive using our public REST API and fully supported .NET, Java, APEX and iOS SDKs. Our tools facilitate rapid development, testing and deployment. Join the eSignLive Developer Community to get started with a free Sandbox account.
  • Advanced workflow configuration – Multiple signers, multiple signatures per signer, multi-party routing, document and signing order, sequential and parallel workflow, document insertion, proxy signing, paper-based review and much more.
  • Advanced authentication options – username and password credentials; make a call to a 3rd party identification service such as Equifax (dynamic knowledge-based authentication), or use eSignLive’s built-in authentication features including question and answer challenge, SMS passcode and self-signed digital certificates and Common Access Cards (CAC).
  • Method of Signing – Click-to-sign, handwritten signature capture on a tablet, smartphone or signature capture hardware.
  • Support for mobile – E-sign transactions can take place entirely on any web-enabled mobile device including iPads, surface tablets and smart phones. Alternatively, only part of the process may be on a phone for example an electronic document is reviewed on a laptop, and a signer’s personal mobile phone is used to capture a handwritten signature and apply it to the electronic documents.

Easy to Scale

Once deployed for an initial process or line of business (LOB), eSignLive can be quickly scaled across the enterprise – some enterprise customers have reports that bringing on new lines of business was 80% faster and easier than a first implementation. There is no need to repeat any of the work around vendor management, infrastructure, security or development. In addition to lowering total cost of ownership, leveraging a single platform optimizes the use of IT resources and provides a consistent approach to digital transactions and records compliance.

The Most Complete Audit Trails

eSignLive sets the industry standard for capturing the most comprehensive evidence for purposes of legal enforceability and audits.

  • Document security – each signature is secured with a digital signature and audit trails are embedded within the signed records.
  • Active audit trail – a record of the appearance and order of web screens and documents; time on each page; emails; SMS text messages; voice signatures; images and videos; and all actions taken by signers. Our patented e-Witness capability gives your compliance and legal teams access to a playback of e-sign transactions for use in disputes and audits.
  • Automated workflow rules – ensure disclosures are reviewed and accepted and that documents can’t be submitted with missing signatures.

Proven Performance

Every year, eSignLive processes nearly 1 billion documents for small to mid-sized and large multi-location organizations across financial services, insurance and government. One enterprise customer, a top 5 US bank, recently scaled to a new LOB and their volume of e-signed documents grew 8-fold in just days.

How It Works

eSignLive bridges the gap in your customer transactions at the point where traditionally, documents would be printed out for signatures and proof of delivery. A transaction can start in any channel. Once data is captured and merged with document templates, the document package is handed off to eSignLive to manage throughout the entire e-sign process. At the end, the e-signature platform hands back the securely e-signed documents for downstream processing and archiving.

Integration & Customization

  • Achieve straight-through processing by integrating e-signatures with your core upstream and downstream systems using REST API and fully supported .NET/Java/iOS SDKs.
  • Complete freedom to modify all the GUI elements to create a unique and seamless customer experience.

e-Vault Management for Lenders

With the eSignLive Enterprise Plan, you have the option to extend the platform to support the transferable records requirements associated with storing, assigning and servicing electronic mortgage notes and secured loans/leases.

Learn more about e-Vault manager