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With over two decades of experience digitizing secured and unsecured loans, eSignLive is recognized by analysts, customers and partners as a leader in e-signatures and e-vaulting. We help automate lending products from application to securitization, including consumer loans, student loans, auto finance, line of credit & credit card applications, subprime lending, SMB loans, equipment leasing, retail finance and mortgage loans.

Secure & compliant digital vaulting

The eSignLive platform combines e-signatures and e-vaulting into a tightly integrated lending platform. Your workflows remain digital, from the loan application and disclosures with the customer, to the back office, custodians and investors.

eVault Manager is a secure, web-based platform that provides mortgage lenders, auto financers, equipment lessors and other financial services organizations the means to store, assign and service electronic mortgage notes and secured loans/leases in compliance with ESIGN, UETA and UCC Article 9.

The solution enables fully electronic, straight-through processing of mortgages and other secured loans/leases, from origination to retirement. After being electronically signed with eSignLive or another system, the authoritative copy of an eMortgage note or e-chattel paper is deposited in an eVault and protected throughout its lifecycle.

eVault Manager has been legally reviewed by some of the top ratings agencies and legal firms in the U.S. for the purpose of securitization. It can be deployed in a public cloud, private cloud or on-premises according to your organization’s IT and business requirements.


Advantages of eVault Manager

  • Maintains a single authoritative copy that is unique and identifiable
  • Securely manages the transfer of assignment and location
  • Ensures that the record cannot be altered, except as permitted
  • Provides secure access and authorization control
  • Includes an administration console for managing, pooling, searching and auditing electronic records
  • Supports vault-to-vault transfers and secure output to paper


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Digital Vaulting

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