eSignLive Digital Lending Solution

Supports document-based digital lending transactions – for auto financers, equipment lessors and other lenders

  • Automates the lending workflow with e-signatures and e-vaulting – from origination to funding through to the fulfillment and servicing of the loan
  • Manages the delivery, acceptance & signing of disclosures and documents in the loan package
  • Facilitates the secure transfer of e-chattel contracts (e.g., secured loans and leases) for lenders and investors between various parties and other e-vaults, while maintaining a single authoritative copy

The eSignLive Digital Lending Difference

Automate the lending process on a single platform built on decades of lending experience

eSignLive is used by the world’s top lenders, including Wells Fargo, RBC Royal Bank and US Bank. We balance ease-of-use with the highest levels of security and compliance, while providing the most options to automate any part of the lending workflow – including origination, closing and post-closing processes.
Easy to Use

Easy for consumers, dealers, lenders and investors to engage in the lending process. Delivers trusted and convenient user experiences to increase adoption and shorten transaction completion.

Integrates with leading Dealer Management Systems (DMS). Learn about our partnership with Open Dealer Exchange (ODE).

Security & Compliance

Compliant with the most stringent cloud and document security standards. Meets ESIGN, UETA, UCC Article 9 and TOLEC that set standards for electronic documents that are pooled, sold and securitized.

Deployment & Scalability

Provides a single platform with a wide range of data segregation and deployment options (SaaS in the cloud and on-premises) to meet your IT and business requirements.

Single Platform Solution

An end-to-end digital lending solution built on a single platform capable of managing the full spectrum of lending processes

From signature through to the secure vaulting and registration of the loan, we help automate loan processing via a single-vendor solution. The eSignLive Digital Lending Solution is comprised of the following services:
  • eSignLive’s eSignature service ensures that loan/lease documents and disclosures are electronically delivered and signed
  • Consumers can e-sign with a simple click from any device
  • eSignLive’s eVault Manager assures the tracking and secure storage of the authoritative copy of the eChattel contract
  • Securely manage the transfer of contracts between various parties and other e-vaults via TOLEC
  • Optionally leverage blockchain technology to record operations such as the registration of the loan to further strengthen compliance and audit

Easy to Use

An intuitive experience throughout the lending process to drive adoption and achieve high completion rates

We make it easier for all participants in the lending process – consumers, dealers, banks, lenders, investors, document custodians, auditors and servicers.
Easy for Consumers
  • Deliver disclosures and documents in the closing package to borrowers across any channel and device.
99.1% of all loans at OneMain are e-signed, both in-branch and online. Read the case study.
Easy for Dealers & Lenders
  • A white-labeled experience with your brand front and center ensures a trusted experience throughout the process.
  • Pool digital assets and sell/transfer them to investors.
  • Integration with leading Dealer Management Systems (DMS) to automate loan processing from dealer to lender.
Easy for Investors
  • Out-of-the-box UI for accessing and managing documents in the eVault.
  • Seamlessly transfer loans to other investors in the secondary market.


Meet legal, regulatory and IT compliance requirements out-of-the-box

A proven solution that eliminates confusion and risk related to complying with ESIGN, UETA, and UCC Article 9, and ensures that transactions are legal, secure and enforceable.
Regulatory Compliance
  • Full compliance with ESIGN, UETA and UCC Article 9 provides lenders peace of mind.
  • eSignLive’s eVault Manager maintains a single, authoritative copy of the e-chattel contract and full chain of custody across the loan process.
Comprehensive Audit Trails
  • Tracks the transaction at every step, making it easy to demonstrate compliance.
  • The only service provider to capture both a static AND a patented visual audit trail of the signing and closing process – as experienced by consumers.
  • Replays all web and mobile screens presented.
Deployment Options
  • Flexible deployment architecture gives you control over how and where data and documents are stored.
  • Deploy the solution in a public cloud, private cloud or on-premises according to your IT and business requirements.


Built on market-leading cloud infrastructure services and trusted by the some of the world’s most security-conscious organizations

Offers highly secure data centers with real-time replication of data across distributed locations to ensure continuous availability and optimal performance.
Infrastructure Security

State-of-the-art data centers with military-grade security of facilities.

Hosted on Amazon Web Service’s world-class cloud infrastructure services.

Application Security

Compliant with the most stringent global security standards, including SOC 2.

Recognizes our commitment to maintain the strictest controls over cloud security and data protection.

Strong Encryption

Full document and database-level encryption using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption.

User access is strictly controlled by digital certificate credentials, which are required to access and execute registry operations in the eVault Manager.


Our solutions are built on decades of experience helping banks and lenders achieve paperless processes

With a deep understanding of banking and lending processes, we have a proven track record in helping our customers increase adoption and ultimately speed time-to-revenue.
Digital Lending Pioneer

15+ years helping organizations manage and track the lifecycle of financial assets.

Pioneering participant in industry standards associations such as MERS, MISMO and the Electronic Signatures and Records Association (ESRA).

#1 in Banking & Lending

Used by the world’s top banks and lenders, including Wells Fargo, US Bank and RBC Royal Bank. 12 of the top 20 North American banks use eSignLive for their most trusted B2C applications.

eSignLive is the preferred provider for CUNA, which represents over 6,200 credit unions in the U.S.

#1 in Customer Satisfaction

Consistently ranked #1 in customer satisfaction and support by third-party software review sites such as G2 Crowd and TrustRadius.

Count on us for white-glove treatment before and after you become a customer.


Scales quickly and cost-effectively across your organization as your needs grow

The only solution to provide a single platform that scales to meet your growing requirements, while maintaining high security, compliance and performance.
Segregated Storage

Supports multiple eVault databases on a single registry, allowing segregated storage for multiple lines of business.

Implement the solution as a shared service that can be easily accessed by any group or division.

Vault-to-Vault Transfers

Supports the TOLEC (Transfer of Location of Electronic Contracts) standard to facilitate transfers between internal & external e-vaults and to enable the control of digital assets in accordance with laws.


High Performance

Registry-based operations provides high performance for large pooled operations.

Hosted on redundant infrastructures and provides a carrier-grade availability SLA of 99.999%. View up-time percentages.

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