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e-SignLive and HP

e-SignLive and HP have partnered to combine HP Exstream, the market-leading CCM platform, with e-SignLive e-signature capability. Together we deliver a powerful solution that enables organizations to go paperless with their customer-facing transactions across all communications and distribution channels.

With e-SignLive e-signatures, HP Exstream customers are able to maximize the value of their customer communications platform because processes involving regulated or signed records will no longer fall to paper for signature.

HP Diagram

This diagram shows how Silanis’ e-signature platform fits with HP Exstream in a customer transaction. The example used here is an auto insurance application process.

  • The process begins with a customer applying for insurance. The customer might come in through one of several channels. He or she enters application data into a form. The data is then fed to an underwriting platform or policy administration system for processing.
  • Once a decision is reached regarding coverage and premium, the data is merged with document templates. Document creation is managed through HP Exstream and includes the application, disclosures and ancillary documents.
  • When the package is ready to be signed, traditionally, all automation would break down and the process would fall to paper for signature. But in this example, documents are handed off to e-SignLive to take care of everything throughout the e-sign process, including notifying and authenticating signers, presenting documents for review, capturing intent, securing the documents, collecting evidence and much more.
  • Once the documents are executed, they are handed back to downstream systems for further processing.

 Joint customers

  • Leading carriers such as 21st Century Insurance and Financial Services
  • Leading financial institutions, including two top 5 North American banks

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