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Customer Comms enables companies to successfully execute digitally transformative communications in their direct, interactive customer relations throughout the customer journey. Customer multichannel communications management is our prime focus and our passion. It’s what we know how to do.

We provide consulting services and technological solutions for our clients with our own proprietary technology. We provide automatized, multichannel customer communications management, as well as  transactional and transpromotional processes using both physical and electronic channels leveraging certified communications and e-signature technology.

Automated management of your marketing communications leads to total control of the entire process, reaching each and every client individually with the client-specific message at the right moment. This pin-point, on-target honing-in is impossible to achieve with manual processes.

Client oriented transactional communications, in addition to being widely regulated and often mandatory, are a powerful platform in the quest for customer loyalty; and can help achieve this with automated, highly personalized messaging.

Customer Comms’ Transpromo solutions (transactional + promotional) implemented into client communication integrate images, colors and graphics for truly personalized messaging for contracts, policies, statements, or any type of administrative communication.

The value Customer Comms brings is the realization of full digital transformation in customer communications by applying an integrated communications management model throughout the entire customer life cycle: capture, onboarding, invoicing, retention and loyalty.

From the capture phase with direct marketing messages and lead management, to onboarding with e-signature capabilities and welcome kits, we handle all of your customer milestones:  up/cross selling communication, managing invoices, compliance and regulated communications, billing statements, claims, and account/contract modifications. Critical retention programs based on timely renewal offers and winback efforts are all in our hands.

We handle the entire customer communication lifecycle process by developing and implementing loyalty actions through point programmes and cards.

Communicalia, our proprietary omnichannel communications management platform, enables full integration of personalized customer  communications, for both the physical and digital messaging.

eSignLive technology provides a 100% legally binding e-signature option built right into Customer Comms solutions.
Customer Comms will elevate your customer touch points by replacing paper-based and verbal messaging with fully digitized, personalized, modern communications, making it easier for your customer to do business with you — and saving your organization both time and money.


SPAIN – Madrid
Avenida de la Recomba 14
P.E. La Laguna
28914 Leganés – Madrid
+34 916 895 665

SPAIN – Barcelona
Vía Augusta, 59. 3ºD 306
08006 Barcelona
+34 934 152 444

SPAIN – Bilbao
P. I. Ribera de Axpe, 11
Edif. BL-206-B-2ª
48950 Erandio – Vizcaya
+34 944 646 412

USA – Boston
470 Atlantic Avenue, 4th floor,
02210 Boston – Massachusetts
+1 617 273 8000