About This Partner

Branddocs Inc. specializes in identification, electronic signature and custody of digital documents in a single trusted cloud.

It is the only Integral Trusted Solutions Provider with an eIDAS Solutions Trusted Cloud (Branddocs TrustCloud) covering all aspects related to identity, electronic signing and custody – critical to implementing solutions that meet the standards for digital transactions in Europe.

With an exhaustive list of critical business solutions, Branddocs’ SaaS-based TrustCloud offers the shortest implementation and time to market and the highest ROI.

Branddocs offers multiple types of eSignatures according to legal criteria: Simple, Advanced and Recognized (also known as Qualified). The use of biometric authentication techniques such as facial recognition provides simple, modern positive identification for trusted transactions.

Some of the world’s most recognized organizations use Branddocs to exchange and electronically sign documents with absolute security, drastically reducing the execution time of their processes and their shipping costs.

The company proudly counts these and many other globally respected businesses amongst their customers:
Salesforce, LinkedIn, Prudential, ReMAX, Sony, HP, Comcast, Deutsche Bank, First American Bank, GE Capital, US Government


Founded in 2008, and after several million dollars of investment in R&D, Branddocs Inc. was born.
The platform emerged from the efforts of a team of IT engineers and architects specialized in digital identity, signature and custody. With offices in New York, Mexico City, Barcelona and Madrid (Europe), Branddocs is currently the leader technology provider for trusted Cloud solutions meeting the standards for digital transactions in Europe, USA and Latin America.