About This Partner

For more than 30 years, ARGO has been a leading provider of mission-critical and analytical software solutions for financial services, fraud and healthcare.  Like Silanis, ARGO is a recognized software partner of choice for top financial institutions – creating a natural synergy between our companies and providing customers with a powerful option to streamline any process requiring a customer acknowledgement or signature.

ARGO has integrated the e-SignLive™ cloud service into its Lending and Sales & Service solutions. This gives financial institutions the ability to integrate a paperless workflow into processes such as:

  • Customer setup and account opening/maintenance
  • Contract fulfillment
  • Loan origination and closing
  • Disclosures
  • Notifications

Enabling financial institutions to add e-signatures to customer-facing transactions reduces the costs associated with paper processing, review, scanning, indexing and storing. In addition, using a digital business process strengthens an institution’s legal and compliance position by capturing and reproducing stronger evidence than is possible with pen and paper.

“Partnering with Silanis is an integral part of our paperless strategy. The evidentiary process for e-signatures is integral to its success and Silanis is well recognized in this area.  Working together, we will provide best practices and leadership for our customer’s as they adopt this capability,” said Max Martin, ARGO CEO.

“We chose Silanis e-SignLive Enterprise Edition for its proven track record in capturing e-signatures for highly regulated industries, deployment flexibility, open integration approach, evidence capture, and the ability to configure or customize signature capture and workflow options for our clients,” said Ted Martin, ARGO Vice President.

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