Last Updated: 08/23/2016

By: Microsoft

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a leading CRM solution that drives sales productivity and marketing effectiveness through social insights, business intelligence and campaign management.

By pairing electronic signatures with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, users can truly go paperless. If you’ve ever had to sign a contract with an organization that is not using e-signature technology, you are familiar with the additional work that can easily consume 30 minutes per interaction – open an email, print a document, sign it, scan it into digital format, convert it to PDF, email it to the vendor and archive it. Keeping the process digital saves these time-consuming tasks.

With the eSignLive for Microsoft Dynamics CRM add-on, sales, marketing and service teams can quickly obtain secure, legal and compliant e-signatures for contracts, documents and forms of all kinds. eSignLive for Microsoft Dynamics CRM handles many different scenarios, including:

  • Multiple signers and authentication methods
  • Multiple documents with unlimited page counts and sizes
  • Built-in reminders and expiration dates
  • Serial and parallel signing
  • Online and in-person signing
  • Signing on mobile devices

Integration available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 20112013 and 2015.

Try eSignLive for Dynamics CRM

  • Sign up for a free eSignLive Sandbox account
  • Get your API key from your eSignLive Sandbox account (go to “Account” and click the “Unlock” button)
  • Install the eSignLive for Dynamics CRM add-on (click “Get it now” on the right)
  • Create your first eSignLive package from Dynamics CRM!

View the getting started video tutorial or the eSignLive for Dynamics CRM User Guide for more information.

eSignLive for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is built and supported by eSignLive by VASCO. Contact us today if you have any questions.