Last Updated: 06/30/2016

By: Drawloop

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Document Generation and CCM
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The e-SignLive for Salesforce app is now integrated with Drawloop’s LOOP Document Services platform.

The integration of Drawloop’s Dynamic Document Packages (DDP) and e-signatures creates an end-to-end digital process that meets customer expectations for convenience and mobility, while offering organizations a way to keep communications compliant and consistent across any channel.

Together, Drawloop and eSignLive create a closed-loop process for generating, routing, signing and storing completed documents and associating those with the corresponding Salesforce record. Drawloop and eSignLive excel in environments where complex business rules and automated document processes are needed, bringing document generation and completion, communication and reporting down from hours to minutes.

To access eSignLive through Drawloop:

  1. 1. Get an eSignLive account.
  2. 2. Contact Drawloop at (949) 242-0455 for a Drawloop account. Drawloop will then connect the two via the integration they have built.

There is no charge for this integration.