Last Updated: 10/09/2015

By: Cabinet Document Management Solutions

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Cabinet SAFE is a document management system that offers built-in, secure e-signature capability through the Cabinet eSIGN module.

With so many everyday business documents requiring signature, the ability to get documents signed electronically eliminates all the complexity and costs of paper processing. It also provides visibility into the signing process by allowing Cabinet’s customers to track their documents as they travel outside the DMS for signature. Cabinet eSIGN handles any type of signing process, whether it be fully automated or ad hoc.

The e-sign process is simple for everyone involved. The person sending out a document for signature simply picks a document from the repository, sets a few preferences (e.g. signing order), appends a signature page and clicks “eSIGN – Send”.

On the back end, the document is seamlessly handed off to e-SignLive for delivery to the signer(s). e-SignLive manages all aspects of the signing process. Once the document is signed, it is automatically checked back into the SAFE or SAFE CLOUD document management system, and filed in its correct location.

Cabinet SAFE and Cabinet eSIGN are ideal for small to mid-sized organizations and departments within large enterprises. Accessible to organizations of any size, there is no minimum number of users required which makes it easy to start small and scale over time as needs grow.