Last Updated: 11/27/2015

By: Appway

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The Appway Client Onboarding platform offers integrated e-signature capability so advisors and clients can sign and process onboarding documents faster, more securely and more efficiently.

Flexible and agile, Appway’s award-winning Client Onboarding empowers financial institutions to adapt quickly to external pressures and create high-quality digital experiences. The comprehensive solution manages the entire client lifecycle: from onboarding, to updating, to offboarding clients.

With full end-to-end automation, the solution boosts efficiency, ensures legal and tax compliance, and guarantees outstanding client experience. With solutions for retail banks, wealth managers, brokerage firms, and institutional banking, Appway Client Onboarding makes sure an institution is working to its full potential to maximize revenue and improve client satisfaction.

Appway has built an integration with e-SignLive in order to remove the need to print contracts to paper. The Appway extension provides a set of functions that are used for calling the eSignLive service – enabling document packages to be sent out for e-signature, and then receiving the signed documents back through Appway. Within Appway Client Onboarding, the Appway Document Tracker feature also actively tracks the signing status of a packages to allow the sender to see if documents have been signed or not.


Benefits of e-signatures

  • Remove paper and capture secure e-signatures on any device
  • Meet client expectations for a modern digital experience
  • Streamline the onboarding process
  • Strengthen compliance with workflow rules and a full audit trail
  • Eliminate document errors and NIGO rates
  • Free advisors of manual administrative work