“While savings on postage and travel is in the thousands, the real benefit of eSignLive is to free up our consultants to spend more time generating new business.”

— Scott Blumberg, CFO, Pharma-Care

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Helping pharmaceutical companies to transform their operations.

The most B2B and customer-facing, e-signature deployments in the world.

The pharmaceutical industry is in the throes of major change with $60 billion in expired drug revenue, a decline in FDA drug approvals, and increasing healthcare reform pressures. In response, companies are developing sweeping change management strategies and putting emphasis on the need to look internally for cost-cutting measures and efficiency gains.

eSignLive helps pharmaceutical, biotech and other FDA-regulated companies to trade in their outdated paper processes for electronic processes and records, while maintaining regulatory compliance.

eSignLive is committed to helping pharmaceutical companies meet compliance requirements by ensuring all information is secure. For the U.S. healthcare industry, eSignLive is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), which outlines requirements for the management, storage and transmission of protected health information in both physical and digital form.

How eSignLive helps pharmaceutical companies to streamline their processes, cut costs, and mitigate risk.

Digital Transformation

Enable people to sign anytime, anywhere, on any device to support a more agile and mobile workflow among your employees and partners.

Increase Efficiency

Get documents signed faster so that business decisions can be executed sooner and at a lower cost.

Reduce Manual Processing

Automate workflows to reduce the time employees spend chasing after signatures and correcting documents when there are errors.

Improve Compliance

Enforce business rules to ensure documents are completed in compliance with regulations.

Maintain E-Records

Archive documents electronically for faster, easier and more cost-effective storage and retrieval.

Facilitate Reporting

Make it easier to prove what took place during the document review and signing process (who signed, what document, when, where and how).

eSignLive enabled a national drugstore chain to move to paperless signing across 1,200 locations in just 2 months. Six weeks later, non-compliance dropped to 1%.

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“We are using e-signatures for controlled substance PO signatures. We have centralized the process and greatly improved the turnaround time. As well, we have much better reporting and control.”

— Danny Rideout, Sr. Systems Analyst, McKesson

E-sign anytime, anyplace, on any device

Start e-signing within minutes using our monthly cloud service, or add e-signing capabilities to your existing business applications or core IT systems. eSignLive enables a wide variety of documents and business processes to be completed electronically, including:

  • Clinical trial documents
  • Case reports and source records
  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Regulatory affairs and quality assurance
  • Patent submissions
  • And more

Designed with the unique requirements of our pharmaceutical customers in mind.

eSignLive has been tried and tested for the most regulated B2B and customer-facing transactions by some of the world’s most trusted brands and security-conscious organizations. So, you know you’re getting a reliable solution that you can trust.


Designed to improve regulatory compliance


For everyone – customers, partners, business users and IT


Automate workflows and enforce business rules to reduce errors

Audit Trails

Capture in-depth signing data for compliance, internal reporting & litigation

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