Thousands of organizations of all sizes, representing some of the best known brands in financial services, insurance, government, healthcare and other regulated sectors, trust eSignLive to run their core business processes.

Financial Services

Eight of North America’s top 20 banks have standardized on eSignLive across multiple channels and lines of business. They join regional, community and commercial banks, credit unions, captive lenders, broker-dealers, payment processors and many others committed to improving customer experience with an end-to-end digital business process.

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Eight of the 15 largest insurance carriers in North America have standardized enterprise-wide on eSignLive by VASCO e-signatures - some processing upwards of 1 million electronically signed insurance transactions annually.

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eSignLive by VASCO is the de-facto e-signature standard within the US government. Long standing customers include the US Joint Chiefs of Staff; the entire US Army with an enterprise license; and the General Services Administration (GSA), which mandated the use of e-signatures for all vendor contracting.

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Regulated Industries

eSignLive by VASCO helps transform regulated businesses by eliminating the need to print documents and forms to paper for distribution, signature and delivery. Our customers have gained unprecedented control over and visibility into their operations as a result of keeping processes completely electronic, from beginning to end.

  • Belgium Hospital
  • Georgian Partners
  • GlobalCOAL
  • IBM SoftLayer
  • IPM's Tonsofrentals
  • Pharmaceutical Retainer
  • Bosch
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