“With electronic signatures, we're not only staying out of court, customers are more loyal and happy with the process.”

— Frank Zacherl, partner at Shutts & Bowen LLP

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Helping law firms to move to paperless processing.

The most regulated B2B and customer-facing, e-signature deployments in the world.

The pressure to adopt paperless processes continues to grow as more and more US states move completely towards e-court systems and electronic document delivery. Further, as businesses and consumers make greater use of the internet and mobile devices to conduct business - anytime, anyplace - signing documents electronically is no longer a nice-to-have feature, but a must-have.

eSignLive’s monthly cloud service enables law firms and legal departments to move to paperless processing, quickly and cost-effectively, without any upfront investment or the need for IT’s help.

How eSignLive helps law firms and legal departments

Digital transformation

Enable people to sign anytime, anywhere, on any device to support a more agile and mobile workflow among your customers and legal team

Increase efficiency

Get documents signed faster so that you can service clients sooner and at a lower cost, while improving customer satisfaction

Reduce manual processing

Automate workflows to reduce the time employees spend chasing after signatures and correcting documents when there are errors

Improve compliance

Enforce business rules to ensure documents are completed in compliance with laws and industry regulations

Maintain e-records

Archive documents electronically for faster, easier and more cost-effective storage and retrieval

Facilitate reporting

Make it easier to prove what took place during the document review and signing process (who signed, what document, when, where and how)

These and many other organizations have chosen eSignLive by VASCO because e-signatures matter to their business:

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Check out our e-signature library for legal service providers. Includes educational videos, white papers, case studies and more.

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See how click-to-sign improves the online application process, and how to verify the audit trail.

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“Judges like the simplicity of e-signatures ... We’re seeing significant judicial support and even enthusiasm for e-signatures.”

— David Whitaker, Counsel at BuckleySandler

E-sign anytime, anyplace, on any device

Start e-signing within minutes using our monthly cloud service, or add e-signing capabilities to your existing business applications and IT systems to sign a wide variety of documents, including:

  • Client files
  • E-filing with courts
  • Company minutes
  • M&A documents
  • Documents of incorporation
  • And more

Designed with the unique requirements of our legal services customers in mind.

eSignLive has been tried and tested for the most regulated B2B and customer-facing transactions by some of the world’s most trusted brands and security-conscious organizations. So, you know you’re getting a reliable solution that you can trust.


E-sign ‘out-of-the-box’ or customize for your unique requirements.


For everyone – customers, partners, business users and IT.


Automate workflows and enforce business rules to reduce errors.

Audit Trails

Capture in-depth signing data for compliance, internal reporting & litigation.

Start Now

Sign up for our monthly service to start e-signing in minutes.


Add eSignLive to your workflows, systems and 3rd party apps.


Get a highly responsive team that’s invested in your success.


No matter what your document and user volumes are.

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The Case for E-Signatures

Learn what to look for in an electronic signature solution for law firms and legal departments.

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E-Signatures in Court

Learn how to prevent and/or prepare for legal disputes involving e-signatures. Includes insight from leading legal experts.

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“I like the fact that (eSignLive’) sales team understood that many start-ups have limited budgets. We were able to work something out that made sense for both parties.”

Administrator, legal services firm (G2 Crowd review )

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