Customer Reviews

Highest customer satisfaction in five consecutive G2Crowd Reports


The easy user friendly interface is the best part. I was able to pick it up from day one with a 30 second tutorial from a colleague. It puts that same ease of the recipient when they go to sign. I know I have been sent documents that needed my signature and I went through a 30 minute process to set up my digital signature. This has none of that.

Jesse Sifontes


Every interaction from their sales person to the assigned account manager to product support has been amazingly positive. Customer service and support has been top notch. There are many choices in the e-sign realm however eSignLive has exceeded our expectations at every turn.

Susan DeFelice, Blue Buffalo Co.


We really like the security features and the fact that the details for the authenticated signers are embedded in the completed package. You can validate signatures with the click of a button. No need to access a website to find out details of a completed package.

Ellen Frank-Chapman, Western Title & Escrow (Insurance)

Audit Trails

-SignLive provides a comprehensive and secure electronic chain of evidence for the strongest legal protection in the industry.

John L., GRN Buckhead

‘Out of the Box’

The ease of creating a package, setting signers, setting signature locations, sending out and finally signing. My counter-signers also love the ease of use and user interface.

User, Information Technology


The API Interface allows the most robust customization options of all e-delivery and e-sign providers. Bottom line, it allowed us to provide the user experience we were seeking when others did not, or was vastly limited.

Administrator, Information Technology


The strongest feature of e-SignLive is the flexibility of the platform. There are many options to configure and tailor the experience to the customer's needs and the integration/connectors make it really easy for users to get up and running quickly.

Andrew S., US Bank


The core features and functions are market leading, and it is flexible with powerful integration options to allow us to tailor to meet complex requirements. Top of our list are: 1) range of deployment models to fit any business requirement; 2) market leading security and document evidence, and 3) great API and SDK integration options.



Using eSignLive we have successfully delivered a single platform that supports multiple lines of business across multiple channels. This was accomplished using their eSignLive Enterprise solution. Silanis continues to invest in their solutions and partners closely with our organization. They listen to our suggestions for future product features and work closely with us to ensure their enhancements support our needs.

Davie Beaton, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

Open API / SDK

The documentation around the usage of the SDK was good. The provided samples in the SDK were detailed and easy to follow. The documentation was decent and easy to follow. The SKS was also very inclusive and contain a large number of functionalities, it was well designed in this regard.

Lee Brackman, State Auto / working for MXD Group