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Professional Plan Add-ons

Leverage eSignLive’s add-on options to enhance the way you use e-signatures in your organization.

Bulk Send

Send documents to multiple users

Send one document to many recipients for signature at the same time

Bulk Send saves you time when you need to send documents to multiple recipients for signature. This features helps you eliminate the need to prepare individual transactions. Start by importing your list of recipients, prepare documents for signature and press send. Your recipients will receive a unique copy of the document to e-sign. It’s that easy!

Bulk Send is ideal for:
• Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)
• Terms of service
• HR documents and policy changes
• Legal document distribution

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Fast Track

Embed a dedicated URL into your website or portal for high-volume processes

If your organization relies on gathering signatures from employees and customers, Fast Track can help accelerate the process. Send a single URL to multiple recipients to sign documents, or embed the URL into your website to automate the e-signing process – no integration required!

Fast Track is ideal for:
• Customer onboarding
• Waiver forms
• Event registrations
• Employee policy consent forms

How it Works

  • Templates Layouts

    Access a template from eSignLive

  • Import a .csv file

    Import a .csv file of recipients with their contact information

  • Send document to each recipient

    Send to sign – each recipient will e-sign their respective copy of the document

Knowledge based authentication

Knowledge-based Authentication (KBA)

Verify the signer’s online identity quickly and easily

In addition to the built-in email, SMS text code and Q&A authentication options available in eSignLive, we offer knowledge-based authentication (KBA) through third-party ID verification services such as Equifax to provide reassurance for high-risk and sensitive transactions. ‘Out-of-wallet’ questions are generated in real-time and asks the signer a series of multiple choice questions with details that only the true signer would know.

KBA is ideal for:
• Remote account openings
• Insurance claim renewal
• Government tax refunds

How it works

  • Add signer

    Add a signer to the document

  • Consulting On Demand

    Select ‘Authentication’ and choose KBA

  • Send document to each recipient

    Send to sign

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