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  • What is an electronic signature?

    Like its paper equivalent, an electronic signature is a legal concept. Its purpose is to capture the intent of the signer to be bound by the terms and conditions in a contract. E-Signature software is designed to facilitate signature capture online, while also creating a process that results in a legally enforceable agreement.

  • What is the difference between an electronic signature and a digital signature?

    The term “e-signature” is often confused with “digital signature”. An e-signature is a legal concept, resulting in an enforceable online process. Digital signature refers to the encryption technology used in a number of security, e-business and e-commerce applications, including e-signatures. In short, we take the best of both technologies and provide you an ELECTRONIC signature application that is built on DIGITAL signature security.

  • What does an electronic signature look like?

    That depends on what type of e-signature you use. If you are e-signing remotely using the click-to-sign method, your signature will appear in a standard font.


    Alternatively, if you are face-to-face with a sales representative, you could draw your cursive signature on the rep’s iPad using a stylus or fingertip.


    If you are using your mobile phone as a signature capture device, you would also draw your hand-scripted signature and see that cursive signature on the document.


    Whether typed or cursive, all e-signatures captured through OneSpan Sign are backed by a watermark and time stamp to indicate the signature was captured electronically.


  • How is OneSpan Sign different from other e-signature vendors?

    1. We are the e-signature choice for business. OneSpan Sign processes the most regulated B2B and customer-facing transactions in the world.
    2. Highest levels of customer support. With OneSpan Sign, you’ll get a highly responsive team that’s invested in your success. But don’t take our word for it – see the latest e-signature report from G2 Crowd, which rates OneSpan Sign with the highest customer satisfaction score in the industry.
    3. Ability to fully white-label our solution into your systems and apps, so you can provide your customers with a seamless experience. OneSpan Sign is the white-labeled e-signature solution behind some of the most well-known brands in the world including U.S. Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, BMW Financial Services, Country Financial, AAA Carolinas, 21st Century Insurance and many more.
    4. Most deployment options – for any project size, complexity or budget.
    5. Our solution guarantees the integrity of the signed document by tamper sealing it after each person signs to protect you and your customers. Learn more about OneSpan Sign digital signatures.
    6. The most flexibility for optimizing e-signatures to your processes, workflows, channels, devices and signers.
    7. We are the only e-signature solution in the market with a visual audit trail to easily and quickly prove compliance and support your legal case.

    Check out our infographic, which outlines OneSpan Sign's key differentiators.

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