Tips & Tricks: How to Create and Use Templates in OneSpan Sign

Office Life |  May 26, 2016 Dilani Silva
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Using templates is a great time-saving hack that helps boost your productivity. OneSpan Sign offers the ability to create and use templates to help automate the e-signature process for frequently used documents such as contracts and NDAs. With templates, you can pre-define your signers, documents, signature locations and e-signature workflows. Instead of spending time placing signature blocks and data fields over and over again in a contract you frequently send out for e-signature, set them once and reuse the template. Let me show you how easy it is to create templates in OneSpan Sign. 

How to Create a Template in OneSpan Sign


  • From the Dashboard, select ‘Templates’ in the top navigation bar

How to 1  

  • Click the ‘New Template’ button

How to 2  

  • In the dialog box, give your template a name. Click ‘Create’

How to 3  

  • Add the document you frequently send out for e-signature (i.e.: NDA, mortgage renewal, employee contract, etc.)

How to 4  

  • Next, define template roles. These are placeholders that you will designate to actual signers when it’s time to use the template. In this example, we will name the placeholder field ‘Signer 1’. Click ‘Next’.

how to 5  

  • Drag and drop your signature blocks and data fields to your document. Click ‘Done’.

How to 6  

It’s that easy! With templates, you'll shift your time away from repetitive administrative tasks to focus on value-added activities in your organization.  

Check out the video tutorial below to watch how you can easily create and use templates for your e-signature transactions. Sign up for a 30-day free trial of OneSpan Sign.  

Video: How to Create and Use Templates

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