The Ideal Banking Experience: Gartner Analyst to Present at Silanis’ E-Signature Banking Summit

Office Life
|  March 8, 2011 Mary Ellen Power

Bank executives looking to take their customer service to the next level are invited to attend the E-Signature Banking Summit in New York City on April 8, 2011. During the keynote session, David Furlonger, Vice-President and Distinguished Analyst of Gartner’s Banking and Investments group, will present how to define, design and deliver the ideal customer experience based on the latest consumer trends, innovations and lessons learned.

While most financial institutions agree that delivering exceptional customer service is critical for maintaining and gaining a competitive edge, all too often they impose a bank-centric view of the world on customers, and fail to understand what customers want and how they wish to interact.

Transparency, speed, mobility and choice are all top of mind for customers. Yet 20th century bank processes and operating paradigms, characterized by inefficient and time-consuming, paper-based processes, prevent banks from delivering on customer expectations.

"People’s work and home schedules are only getting more hectic, and so increasingly they want to be serviced over web. Consumers don’t want to have to go into a branch just to sign a document," said Tommy Petrogiannis, CEO and co-founder of Silanis Technology, the electronic signature provider for leading financial institutions, including U.S. Bank, Stewart Title, Country Financial and 21st Century, and the host of the event.

"Moving to paperless loan processing has enabled our financial service customers dramatically improve service to their end-customers, resulting in 90% adoption of the technology and higher loan volumes."

During his keynote presentation, Mr. Furlonger will dig below the surface to provide insights on what banks can do to deliver better, all-around customer experience by answering three key questions:

  • What are the top consumer trends?
  • What impact does digitization have on customer experience and bank capabilities?
  • What lessons can be learned in customer interaction and experience from outside of the financial services market?

This one-day event will also feature presentations by senior executives from US Bank, Wells Fargo’s legal counsel, and a leading e-commerce law firm.