Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Authentication? [Infographic]

Product Updates |  November 25, 2014 Jeannine Mulliner

Test your knowledge to see how much of an authentication expert you really are.  The answers can be found in our User Authentication for E-Signature Transactions whitepaper.

1. What’s the difference between identification and authentication?

a. User identification is the process of making a claim to an identity, while authentication is the process of verifying credentials.

b. There is no difference – they both mean the same thing.

c. None of the above.

2. A first-time customer completes an online account opening with a brokerage firm. Because everything occurs online and the new customer is "faceless", how does the brokerage firm minimize the risk of identity fraud?

aAlways meet a first-time customer in person.

b. Static knowledge-based authentication (KBA).

c. Dynamic knowledge-based authentication (KBA).


3. Which is an example of multi-factor authentication?

a. Email authentication and secret question challenge.

b. A smartcard and PIN.

c. Email authentication and username/password.


4. For internal processes e-signed by employees, is authentication even necessary?

a. Authentication is always necessary.

b. Not if employees are accessing e-signatures as part of a SSO environment.

c. A and B are true.

d. None of the above.


 5. A lender needs to authenticate customers online.  What are the options?

a. Email authentication and secret question challenge.

b. Email authentication and username/password.

c. Login to the lender’s customer portal.

d. Email authentication and SMS authentication.

e. Any of the above.


6. When using the e-SignLive service, which of the following are free:

a. One-time PIN sent by SMS text.

b. Static knowledge-based authentication (KBA), AKA secret question challenge.

c. Use of digital certificates.

d. Use of existing login credentials (such as online banking username/password).

e. All of the above.


Esignature Authentication

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